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Production of aluminum and PVC joinery

- maximum energy savings with low maintenance
- perfect sound and thermal insulation

Simontal is a company for production and installation of PVC and ALU joinery.

Our business philosophy is based on the fact that the end user of our services is satisfied with the quality of our products, position, mounting position and with service onboard position.

We strive to be recognized and to be different from all other colleagues, so we decided that our motto will be quality and only quality, and the evidence of our quality are our many satisfied customers.

See our product range and the materials we work with.
We look forward to successful cooperation.

We make shutters exclusively of aluminum whole package, what means that the guides are aluminum, blades are aluminum box, what is also aluminum.

Our products:

Internal aluminum - thermal box

External (rondo) rounded boxes

We are also making shutters that are moving with electric engine in two packages where is a possibility controlling it with pressing a switch on the wall or with a remote control.

Mosquito nets are made of aluminum, what means aluminum box, aluminum guides and fiberglass net.

Fix mosquito nets with aluminum frame and fiberglass net

Mosquito nets for doors with aluminum frame and fiberglass net

Under window PVC boards in multicolored patterns

Aluminum drip

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The company "Stolar Servis BGD" is dealing with:

- Service, repair and maintenance of all kind of PVC, aluminium joinery, blinds and other supporting elements, which means:

- Replacement of the complete turnaround-tilting sliding or folding mechanism or some parts (hinges, handles, side closures, angles, strikes, scissors, cylinders, locks, etc.).

- Repair of the existing turnaround tilting sliding, folding mechanism (chains).

- Replacement of rubber gaskets on all types of PVC and aluminium joinery, for better thermal and sound insulation.

- Replacement of all types of thermal insulation and glass panels.

- Replacement of mechanism for lowering - lifting blinds (tapes, rolling pins, mount blades, etc.).

- Replacement of damaged PVC and aluminium parts on blinds.

- Repair of blinds with electric motors.

- Repair intercom door lock.

- Repair of garage doors: ordinary, roller, or sectional.

- Installation of aluminium mounting boards, under the window boards, with L corner profile.

- Installation of fixed and roll-up mosquito nets.

We come by invitation to your address, quickly and efficiently eliminate all the problems and shortcomings of your joinery.

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  • preduzetnik gdin. Dejan Veljković
    Tel.: 064/234-8351, 
  • Tel.: 063/875-3314, 

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