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DCP HEMIGAL was founded in Leskovac on March 22, 1995, with primary activity being the development and production of cosmetic preparations. Founder and owner Živorad Denić, with two employees, began his work in a small rented space. During the years the company has continuously developed and insisted on product quality, detailed and strict internal control and fast and efficient transport of products, thereby achieving satisfaction of end users. Therefore, it became the hallmark of cosmetic production in the region.

Production program DCP HEMIGAL contains:

* Products for sensitive skin care, babies and children (ointment, cream, oil, shampoo and bath);
* Products for care and conditioning skin face and body (cream, milk, lotion);
* Products for care, cleaning, conditioning and hair design (wax, gels, oils, shampoos, regenerator, hydrogen cream);
* Phytopreparation with an anti-cellulite properties, for shaping the body (the so-called gels. Cream-gel);
* Preparations for depilation (custard, wax).

* Address : Tekstilna 97, 16000 Leskovac, Serbia
* Phone : +381 (0)16 243 413, +381 (0)16 213 228
* Fax : +381 (0)16 250 246
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  • Tel.: 016/254-131, 
  • Tel.: 016/213-228, 

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after-sun lotion
almonds cream
anti-cellulite gel with ivy extract
anti-cellulite massage oil
baby cosmetics
baby lotion 
baby oil
baby shampoo and bath
body milk
Chamomile regenerative cream
coconut oil
cold wax for waxing
conditioner for hair
cosmetic for children