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The company SAOP was established in 1987, it was one of the first companies on the regional market who offered own software.

For the development of business software solutions and services for accounting firms, enterprises and public institutions, employs more than 60 professionals with higher education. More than 25.000 users are using our solution.

Business enterprises "SAOP"

Our main activity is production and development of advanced business solutions, which contribute the success of our partners and clients with:
- Professional and quality support
- Formal education and skills development of our employees
- Technical quality of our solutions


To become a leading provider of business solutions in the region. We will build our visibility with the most professional, prompt and regular support to our clients in the region.

SAOP is an innovative company, that sets trends and with creating a positive working environment provides professional and personal development of its employees:

- We make positive working environment, that encourages cooperation
- Encourage progress at all levels of business
- We want to be recognized for the response, competence and support to our customers
- We look forward to the business success of our customers
- We want to help clients in improving their business processes
- We are proud that are employed in the company SAOP

"miniMAX" is the simplest web accounting program, which can be used also by the company and accounting agencies, because the data is entered only once and it is fully aligned.

ERP "iCenter" analyze your workflow and reduce costs
Business ERP information system "iCenter" with the range of custom software solutions is adapted to business processes of every enterprise. With automatic analyses, what will make on your business processes, it quickly provides quality information to managers to make the right decision thereby enables the reduction of operating costs.

"iCenter" improves the standard business processes using a range of solutions and it also fully supports the features of each department in the company.

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Sombor , 25100
Tel.: 025/24-995
Fax: 025/26-939
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