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Bis commerce is a family company which began with its works in 2002 as paint and varnishes shop.

In 2009, the shop grew into a company for trading, manufacturing and services. It deals with the sale of paints, varnishes, adhesives and other building products for finishing work in construction, and painting and redecorating tools.

In its product range includes program Knauf dry lining, mineral wool, polystyrene, and everything for demit facade. We have three mix machines on which we are making computer color mixing for indoor and outdoor use. In cooperation with leading manufacturers such as Knauf, Austotherma, Tikkurila, Helios, Maxima, Sika, Henkel we try to maintain the quality of products and services at a high level.

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acrylic colours
adhesive facade
adhesive for ceramics 
automatic color mixing 
building materials
colors for interior walls
colours in spray
concrete colors
concrete colour
construction adhesive
dispersion colours
ecological color
environmentally friendly paint program
izover mineral wool
manufacturing of paint for envelope
masterfix glue
mineral wools
nitro colors
outdoor colours