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After 10 years of experience in steel constructions in the company Argus Inzenjering l.t.d. and work in lots of projects for private person and public enterprises we have made a selected special program for urban and eco equipment.

The aforementioned production programs in the newly opened "daughter" firm Urbana oprema l.t.d. receive adequate treatment, which is reflected in the following:
  • product design is entrusted to the architects and designers,
  • the quality of the products is in accordance with the provisions of ISO 9001,
  • special attention to the durability of the product,
  • specific products and marquee elements of textile architecture will be optimized constructive and provide a low cost, durability and complete safety,
  • we use materials suitable for recycling.

    The production is located in Temerin, where we have 700 m2 of closed area and all kinds of machines necessary for production of urban equipment, eco equipment and wrought iron. In the modern office in Novi Sad, architects and mechanical engineers are designing products that will meet your surroundings with enthusiasm, and make you relaxed and happy.

    On our web site you can find catalogs and technical product details.


    Urbana oprema d.o.o.

    Novi Sad, Narodnog fronta 73


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arch lombkorona
awnings over doors
balcony awnings
benches for parks
bicycle racks
bus stop
bus stops shelters
cabinets for smokers
cargo containers
children playground
construction container
container production
containers for garbage
containers for paper
covered bench
eco equipment
eco storages
equipping children's playgrounds
garbage containers
lexan canopies
locksmith good metal construction
metal benches
metal containers
movable canopy
production of containers
refuse collector
shelters for bicycles
shelters for smokers
stationary containers
urban equipment
waste container
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    Mounting halls,
    Residential containers,
    Pvc and alu carpentry,
    Production and mounting of steel constructions,
    covering and hemming of industrial halls

    Argus Inzenjering l.t.d. is a construction company for producing and mounting of steel halls for industrial objects, warehouses, sport halls, containers for residences, residential containers, weekend cottages, modular objects, selling pavilions, car salons, containers for loads, ship containers and other.

    For industrial needs we produce platforms, bridges for pipelines and carrying machine constructions, transport systems and warehouse systems.

    The company was established in 2002. and has 30 employees.
    The team has mechanical and civil engineers.
    Director is mr Dragan Erdevik,

    Argus Inzenjering d.o.o.
    Novi Sad


    Main office: 021/466-490
    Fax: 021/468-391
    Production: 021/840-160
    Director: 064/85-20-400


    Main office:
    PC Atrium, Narodnog fronta 73, Újvidék
    Production hall and operations:
    Almaska bb, Temerin

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 steel tubes
aluminium and pvc sale
aluminium carpentry production and assembly
aluminium door window
aluminum and plastic construction
assembly halls and warehouses
assembly objects
building carpenter
cargo containers
construction container
construction of assembly hall
container production
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    EURO-INVEST-MONT is a specialized company for installation, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of power and thermo technical installations.

    It was established in Obrenovac as a private company.

    The company has been operating successfully for years and now it employs many workers. Top professional staff through team work has gained rich experience and professional references.

    In addition to professional staff, which makes the greatest asset of our company, wealth of business experience, permanent education, adoption of new technologies, quality and confidence in the work process, quality relationship with partners are the characteristics of our company for which we are known in the domestic and international market.

      The activities for which the company is recognized are:

    • Construction, maintenance, repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation of thermal power plants

    • Construction, maintenance, repair and overhaul of industrial boilers to produce steam

    • installation of process equipments

    • production of processing equipments, metal constructions

    • production of halls with various constructions, containers

    We are recognizable for our excellent professional staff, which has gained rich experience and professional references.

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    construction container
installation of power plants
installation of thermo-technical systems
maintenance of power plant
maintenance of power plants
maintenance of thermal technical plants
reconstruction of power plants
reconstruction of thermo technical installations
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    Gruje Dedića 26.
    Sombor , 25100
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    Milovana Glišića 5
    Novi Sad, 21000
    Tel.: + 381 60 500 34 77
    Fax: +381 21 500 345
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    ¤ Two complexes of containers
    are for sale in seen state! ¤

    ¤ "Komplex 1" and "Komplex 2"
    produced and mounted in 2011 ¤

    ¤ Both complexes are produced by order.
    ¤ Both complexes consist of several connected standard containers.
    ¤ The complexes have:
    - completely installed electricity
    - water supply and sewerage
    - heaters and cooling appliances
    - pvc and wooden joinery
    - laminated floor coverings
    - plasterboard wall coverings
    - sanitary knots separated male and female
    - shower cabins
    - tea kitchen
    - several offices
    - a mini warehouse
    - a meeting room

    The whole complex is for sale in seen state!

    All interested may call Tel.: +381 21 500 345

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    construction container
Construction containers
container production
container rental
container towns
mobile container
office container
office containers
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    Beograd, 11000
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