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Our shop is available for 9 years to our customers. Our shop is working all day. We get fresh flowers several times a week, so we always have beautiful fresh cut flowers in our offer. From high quality flowers we are making bouquets, ikebana, baskets, wreaths, etc.

We have a very large selection of pot flowers. We pay special attention for maintaining the quality. We also have artificial flowers and decorations from dried flowers.

In our shop you can buy baskets, decorative ceramic pots, glass vases, candles, etc.
We are making hall and vehicle decoration for weddings and for other formal occasions.


Karađorđeva 58

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artifical flowers
baskets for decoration
baskets for wedding
Bouquets and Arrangements
Bouquets for the bride
bridal bouquet
car decorations
ceramic pots
decorating weddings 
decoration for wedding
decoration of halls
dressing table
dryed flowers
engagement basket
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Profesora Grčića bb
Novi Sad, 21000
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* Production, catalog sales of seasonal and balcony flowers and Mediterranean plants: bugenvilea, lantana, gentian aristolohie, pandorea

* Perennials: hoste, heuchera, phlox, etc.

* Spices and herbs: stevia, mint, gulan, aronia, goji, lonicera

* Decorative bushes and water plants

At the nursery garden "Mali Vrt" (small garden) you can find everything you need for your small or large garden. We follow your needs every year to satisfy the demands. Our offer includes a spring and fall season.

All plants are domestically produced,- in other words - they are being grown in our climate, so the plants will easily adjust to your conditions and progress without time of adaption. It`s up to you to plant them in the right place and - of course - to take care of them. And they will reward you for the effort you invested, in a short time with an image as it is in the photograph.

- bulbs, daffodils, ranunculus, amaryllis, primula, room primula, creeper plants, kalanhoja, cyclamen, geraniums, surfinia, fuchsia... etc...

- plants from the catalog and other seasonal plants, flowers

- plants from the catalog and other autumn plants: decorative cabbage, decorative cole, violets, chrysanthemums and other seasonal plants

- houseplants, calatea, maranta, ficus elastica tricolor, hedera helix, spatifilum, hlorafitum, singonijum, saflera ...

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catalog sales of flowers
flower growing
growing flowers
ornamental shrubs.
producing flowers
seasonal flowers
spice production
wood garden
catalog sales of flowers
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