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CNC aluminum processing

Service of aluminum milling on CNC machine center HAAS TM-3PHE.

Characteristics of the machines 1016 x 508 x 406mm (xyz).
Warehouse with 10 interchangeable tools.

So far we mostly involved in producing components for high-end audio devices.

Making components from small to large series.

Low cost milling !!!

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CNC aluminium
cnc metal processing
CNC milling
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Loading of goods at a new address,
Rumenački put 35, Rumenka, Novi Sad

PEZOS Company is reliable supplier of first class seamless steel pipes, steel and messing welding fittings, flanges, zinc coated steel pipes and other products used in all kinds of system building and maintenance projects in an area of gasification, heat industry, oil and gas transport.

PEZOS export-import d.o.o. is direct importer of:

1. first class seamless steel pipes - by DIN, ASTM and EN standards
2. steel welding fittings - elbows, tees, elbows with reduced pressure, torispherical heads
3. flanges
4. industrial valves
5. zinc coated steel pipes

We have developed successful cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies which are working on a system building and maintenance projects in an area of gasification, heat industry, oil and gas transport...

Through the years we have devoted special attention to the development of our company and building its business image. We constantly insist on providing continually excellent product along with best service.

Our aim is to expand our cooperation both with the domestic and foreign companies in order to make better future!

- Seamless pipe
- Seamless steel pipe
- Fittings for welding
- Galvanized pipe
- Brass fittings
- Industrial valves
- Flanges and flange sets
- Welding electrodes
- Manometers and thermometers
- Other products used for system maintenance
- Gasification and heating works, oil and gas transports.


EN 10216-1, 10216-2, EN10220, DIN 2448, DIN
API 5L, ANSI , Grade B, X42, St35.8, DIN17175, ASME SA 106,
ASTM A106, ASME B36.10 , PED 97/23 EC ...

More contacts:

  • Utovari robe na novoj adresi:
    Rumenački put 35, Rumenka, Novi Sad

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 steel tubes
air conditionings
ASME B36.10
building reinforcement Serbia
central heating
civil engineering
DIN 2448
elbows tees caps
EN 10216-1
EN 10216-2
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Mikro Kontrol company was founded in year 1996. Engineering and services in Power and Industrial Automation are our main field of work. During its existence, the company has acquired a number of references in a variety of industries: mining, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, water treatment, metal processing, food and chemical industry, rubber and building materials, heating, power stations...

Our team of 35 graduate engineers with decades of experience is skilled in finding solutions for the control of machines and processes. Foundation of these solutions are PLC, SCADA and DCS systems.

Mikro Kontrol provides: technical documentation, production and delivery of electrical equipment, development of PLC and SCADA software, parameterization of electric drives and commissioning. We use the latest software tools: PCS7, Simatic S7, Studio 5000, FactoryTalk, PlantPAx Freelance, 800XA, WinCC, CX One, Sysmac Studio, packages EPLAN electrical design and ACAD, packages for SCADA iFIX and Wonderware InTouch.

We have partnership (Solution Partner, System Integrator) with several international companies.The most important partners are OMRON, ABB, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, KUKA, SOLCON.

The experience we have acquired in previous projects is the foundation for all future challenges.


The electrical equipment revitalization of continuous systems on the "Gracanica" surface mine in Gacko, Republic Srpska.

Crusher Plant control system reconstruction, PD RB „Kolubara” d.o.o., Lazarevac

Project Name: Projects of Mikro Kontrol within the framework of RTB Bor

Project Name: Reconstruction of electrical equipment of mining machines to the flood victims in Tamnava mines in RB Kolubara

Project Name: Project to improve the environment in the mining basin of Kolubara

More contacts:

  • Predstavništvo u Nišu
    Jovana Ristića 11
    E-mail: nis@mikrokontrol.rsTel.: 018/4511 884 ,  Fax: 018/4519 192
  • Predstavništvo u Novom Sadu
    Drinska 1
    E-mail: ns@mikrokontrol.rsTel.: 021/2469 501 ,  Fax: 021/2466 543

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automatica automatisation
automatization for industry
business information systems
electric energetics
electrical Works
frequency regulator
informatics and communications
informatics consulting
informatics engineering
information systems
information systems developing
information systems implementation
information systems projecting
information technology
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"Strugovi Potisje" Ada - 90 years of tradition and experience

Production of tool machines

* Universal lathes
* Universal - heavy lathes
* Heavy lathes with cyclic control FAGOR CNC
* Medium size lathes
* Special units for lathes
* Machine overhaul
* Services of machine processing

Lathes are the result of long years of experience and they possess all the essential characteristics of modern lathes.
Harmonious and strong construction, easy operation, built-in elements of best quality and conscientious finishing processing are their characteristics which classify these lathes in the highest class of its kind.

Heavy universal lathes

The massive, cast iron construction of the pedestals, the third prism and wide sliding surfaces provide this machine great stability and allow processing of workpieces of 5000-15000 kg, with a diameter of 1000-2000 mm, length up to 10000 mm.

Heavy lathes with CNC management

Heavy duty CM lathes enable precise processing in manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode. The programming is easy with a built-in processing cycles.

The lathes are produced in different sizes, for processing diameter of 1000-2000 mm, length of processing up to 10000 mm.

Medium-sized universal lathes

Lathes type "PA 30.35 - Morando" are the result of many years of experience. This category of machines is characterized by harmonious and strong construction and easy handling.

They are produced with a diameter for scraping of 610-700 mm, possible length of processing is 4000 mm.

This lathes are produced for working diameter to 700 mm, length to 4000 mm.

Special machines and special units for lathes

Special machines and special units of machines are made on the basis of specific technical requirements of the customers.

Machine overhauling

Repair, overhauling and reconstruction of the lathes is based on the customer`s requirements.

Machine processing services

Processing capacities allow the execution of doing services, and producing parts of machine tools based on the drawings of users.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 024/853-335, 
  • Tel.: 062/299 009, 

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CNC lathes
heavy lathes
machine metal processing
machine processing
machine production and processing
machine tools
machine upgrade
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Peke Pavlovića 16
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011/328-25-10
Fax: 011/328-25-41
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"COPTECH" Ltd. is a modern, market-oriented company, based in Belgrade, specialized in production, processing, engineering and trading of semi-finished copper products with built-up market positions in South-Eastern Europe, former Soviet republic and in the Middle East.
We constantly have in stock in Belgrade and Novi Sad:

- copper pipes for air conditioning
- copper pipes for gas, heating and plumbing
- industrial copper pipes
- copper capillary
- copper pipes for gas for cars

- round bare wires
- round enameled wire
- profile wire
- trolley wire

- energy and installation cables
- power cables
- telecommunication cables
- optical cables
- rubber covered cables
- data, computer, cables of all categories: FTP, UTP, STP ...
- copper cables and braids
- special cables


Our complete range can be viewed at

COPTECH d.o.o.

Address of Belgrade office:
Kneza Mihaila street 21/10, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


tel./fax: +381 11 328 25 10
tel./fax: +381 11 328 25 41 +381 65 397 03 00 +381 64 668 43 49 +381 64 668 43 48 +381 66 397 033

Skype: Alex StankovicC

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copper rails
Copper tube
copper Wire
data cables
electric accessories stock
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Obilićeva 20
Ada, 24430
Tel.: 024/852-066
Fax: 024/851-292
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The foundations of our firm were established back in 1930, when Istvan Petervari became a manufacturer and started to produce carriages and sleighs.

The production lasted until 1956, when Istvan junior decided to make a turnover and adjust to the demands of the market.

After a long process of development, in 1968, he made the first tool for cutting timber. The new direction of the manufacturing showed itself correct, so in 1973, Istvan started to expand the capacity.

In 1974, the first semi-automatic logger was made at the workshop, which is still in use until today.

The year of 1990 was a repeated turnover for our workshop. This year, Istvan`s son, Atila took over the management of the firm and had an idea to start with sharpening of saws.

The firm has collected experience and clients for many years in order to have the current range of services since 2003, which is based on band saws.


- Band saws

- Pliers teeth splurging

We offer the following services:
- Welding saws with a warranty
- Ironing saws
- Boasting teeth
- Forging
- Sharpening of circular and band saws, abrichters, knives, cutters...
- Serration of band saws
- Welding and sharpening of BI-METAL saws
- Sharpening CARBON saws
- Hardening teeth



Fix: (024) 852 - 066
Fax: (024) 851 - 292
Mob: (063) 7764 - 717

Working hours:
On workdays from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
On Saturdays from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

24430 ADA

More contacts:

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cutting tool
grating tools
hand tool
honer hone of tool
metal goods
metal industry
metal processing
saw production
saw sharpening
wholesale of tools
cutting tool
grating tools
hand tool
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Titelski red br. 70 - A
Zrenjanin, 23100
Tel.: 023 510 353
Fax: 063/857-14-89
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We deal with pouring of cast iron and non-ferrous metals. In addition to iron casting we produce goods for wide consumption.

Our firm also deals with production of cast garden furniture, cast iron benches, tables, molded bins, cast fountains, gardens and parks, parking molded columns, stands for bicycles, stands for umbrellas and lighting for backyards and parks to tiny ornaments for a rockery, green lawns and flower boxes.

Besides garden and park equipment we also deal with production of:

- Cast dishes:
Cauldrons, disc harrows, grills, grill grates and plates, pans, pots and presses for cakes.

- In our product range you can find furnaces for solid fuel:
Hark fireplace, Frenkli fireplace, built-in fireplace, creck fireplace, stylish ovens, round ovens, doors for tile stoves.

- In addition to this, we produce stoves for which we also do servicing. In our offer we have all spare parts for furnaces, stoves and kettles.

- We make spare parts for agriculture:
Plowshares, drinkers, needles for baling, Cambridge rollers...

- Accessories for blacksmiths, brickyards, manholes...

- For locksmiths we make: cast segments of gates, starting columns for fences, rosettes, door handles, house numbers and mailboxes.

- We cast brass artistic busts and nameplates for companies.

Why choose us:
- We produce high quality products.
- We produce according to the customer`s wish.
- We respect the agreement and terms

    Our products

  • cast iron fountains, benches, tables, mailboxes, numbers, decorative parts for gates, parts for agriculture, various types of bars and shafts...

  • Kettles, cauldrons, barbecues, harrows, and all parts for solid fuel stoves such as Kreka, Magma, Alfa - Vranje - fireplace, Kavorex - stove and Frenkli built in fireplace. We also do repair service for these stoves.

  • In our product range we also have our own furnaces, such as Kreka - fireplace, furnace Alfa and Frenkli- fireplace.

Cast Products:

Garden sets
Cast lamp posts
Cast faucets
Cast dishes and grills
Cast fountains
Parking pillars
Garbage cans
Cast stoves and grills
Parts for agriculture
Cast parts for gates
Cast stands
Cast spare parts
Garden benches
Holders and decorations

More contacts:

  • Prodavnica
    Vojvode Petra Bojovića 35
    Tel.: 063/554 765,  Fax: 063/857-14-89
  • Sedište firme
    Titelski red 70a
    Tel.: 023 510 353, 

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Alfa furnace
aluminium casting
casting by the customers demand
coloured steel casting
fish pot
grill plate
making fireplaces
metal fancy good
metal goods
metal industry
metal products
metal works
Alfa furnace
aluminium casting
casting by the customers demand
coloured steel casting
fish pot
grill plate
making fireplaces
metal fancy good
metal goods
metal industry
metal products
metal works
Alfa furnace
aluminium casting
casting by the customers demand
coloured steel casting
fish pot
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Plastic recycling
Raw materials
Plastic packaging
Sheet, pipe, profiles, plates...

Production and processing of waste plastic packaging
Production of plastic granules


Recycling is the process of extracting materials from the waste and its reuse in the same or similar purposes.
The process involves the collection, separation, processing and manufacture of new products from the used items and materials. It is important to separate waste by as many waste materials can be reused if they are collected separately. All that can be re-used rather than thrown recycling.

    Recycling to achieve the following objectives:

  • Saving raw resources (all materials are of natural origin and has them in nature in limited quantities)

  • saving energy (no energy loss in the primary processes, as well as in transport and processes which follow, and additional energy is obtained by burning materials that are not recycled)

  • environmental protection (waste materials degrade living environment, recycling and protecting the environment)

  • new jobs (processes in the recycling of materials and work requiring knowledge which creates the need for jobs).

    In terms of re-use materials may be:

  • recyclable - can be used to recapture the production process

  • not recyclable - can not get back into the production process and are used for energy-burning or in an environmentally safe manner warehouse.

Almost everything can be recycled: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, copper, iron, ceramics, electronic and electrical waste...

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environment protection
environmental ecology 
metal industry
paper recycling
pet packaging
PET recycling
plastic granulate production
plastic granules
plastic package recycling
plastic re-granulate
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Globus SZTR company for nail production was established 5 years ago. For this year we have achieved excellent results in the production of nails.

We constantly expand our product range and we try to bring many new features that are lacking in our market. A flexible team is working on market research and the dissemination of current range, for our products to be widely available.
This year we introduced a new feature that is designed for flower shops and for peoples for decoration of various manifestations.

Our company produces about 130 kinds of nails for affordable prices, such as: for construction of 60mm, small-mechanical, "T" nails, muzzles, "U", "L" nails, etc.

    We offer the next products:

  • Foundry nail

  • "U" nail

  • Carpet nails copper coated and protected with lacquer

  • Tar nail

  • Shoe machine nail

  • Nails for wood with small head

  • Blue nail

  • Copper coated nail

  • "L" nail

  • Eyelets for bag producers

  • Candle holders

  • and a lot of more products...

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blue nails
copper nails
foundry nails
galvanized nails
karpit nails
L nails
metal goods
metal goods
metal industry
nail manufacture
nails for wood
nonstandard nails
screw product bevel
special nails
U nail
wire and web

blue nails
copper nails
foundry nails
galvanized nails
karpit nails
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Our products and services


SICAM is one of the major stockholders in Italy. It is a group of distributing companies with their own stocking facilities in many European countries, as well as in USA and Canada.

The company is located in Parona Lomellina (in the northern of Italy, not far from Milan) and it covers an area of 150 thousand square meters.

With our 83 thousand square meters warehouse, furnished with the most up-to-date handling and sawing equipments and backed by a totally computerised order handling and processing system, we are capable of meeting the most urgent needs of our customers from all over the world.

We speak the following languages:
english, german, french, italian, russian, romanian, hungarian.

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 steel tubes
chrom bars
Construction tubes
hollow sections
Honed tubes
Hot and cold formed hollow sections
Hydraulic tubes
hydraulic tubes
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Kirac,Akcaburgaz Mah., 129. Sokak, No:4 Esenyurt 3

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copper sheet
Copper tube
metal industry
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Novosadska 322
Temerin, 21235
Tel.: 021 844 923
Fax: 021 844 923
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More contacts:

  • Tel.: 021 851 956, 
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Beograd, 11000
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Beograd, 11000
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Cara Dušana 55
Beograd, 11000
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Miloja Djaka 17
Smederevo , 11300
Tel.: 026/643-140
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Šimanovci, 22310
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