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- Forklifts, electrical, 24 volts, self-propelled, weight lifting height 4 m. In excellent condition, renewed, with a new battery.

- Cistern, volume 5000 liters, metal, thickness of sheet metal is 11 mm, diameter 1,2 m, length 4,5 m, four supporters, can be used as a vessel for air, a-tested on 24,5 bars.

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- Production of hydraulic semi platform for silos
- Production of hydraulic semi platform for mills
- Production of hydraulic presses
- Repair of hydraulics

The company was established in 1989 with a goal to provide special purpose hydraulic machines by the user, which cant be found on the domestic or foreign market.

We started with the development of custom hydraulic presses for rubber and tire shops, that managed to expand the range of products on a semi-hydraulic platform for easy and quick unloading grain in silos and mills.

We are making and repairing all kinds of hydraulic presses, hydraulic semi platforms, hydraulic cylinders, aggregates and machines that aim to improve your production and product quality, and thereby help you with an optimal investment to gain better placement on the market.

We can provide a complete service from conceptual design to your machine, through the development of each component and connect the hydraulic system of complete machine in our factory or where the machine will be used. With high quality hydraulic pumps and valves of world leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment you can rely on a long and high-quality daily operation of your machine. If you know what you want and you have a vision about your machine but you cant find it in sale we can make it for you.

We repair hydraulic truck cranes all models of the next brands: "Hiab", "Atlas", "Foco" with certificates and installation of original components from renowned manufacturers "Orsta", "Prva petoletka", hydraulic high pressure hoses and high quality connectors brand "Hansa-flex", across the valve "Bosh Rexroth", "Parker" and "Atos".

Hydraulic cylinders

We manufacture complete hydraulic cylinders of all sizes and for all purposes by sample or technical drawing.
We produce and remounts all kinds of hydraulic presses, hydraulic semi-platform, hydraulic cylinders, generators and machines.


We produce hydraulic semi-platforms for silos and mills more than ten years. These platforms are easy to use, safe, reliable for the environment, very persistent and long working without faults and problems what can be confirmed by a large number of our users who in their silos and mills have our product.
The capacity of hydraulic semi-platforms for silos and mills is up to 78tons. Usually required for lengths of 6, 9 and 16 meters but per customers request we can make it up to 18 meters.

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Tel.: 063/506-715
Tel.: 022/473-845
Fax: 022/430-591

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Bosch Rexroth
Foco Orsta
Prva petoletka

cylinder repair
electrics forklifts
hidraulic topper
hidraulics platforms
hydraulic aggregates
hydraulic cylinders
hydraulic erector
hydraulic fixtures repair
hydraulic hose
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Working since 01.01.1998. armed with 30 years of experience.
D.o.o. "Starter" as a specialized winding service, repairs aggregates (starters, alternators, dynamos, hydraulic pump motors, windscreen cleaner motors, heating and ventilating system motors etc.) and produces single or small series of commutators for DC motors.
"Starter" functions as service (subcontractor) to services of higher levels.
The employer (service of higher level) after the defecation hands over the defected part, mostly rotors and stators to "Starter".After receiving the defected parts, they are taken into work.In the domain of starters are all the more known producers motors (Valero, Paris-Rome, Ducelier, Delco-Remmy, Bosch, Iskra etc.), regardless to the program of the vehicle on witch it is used on. We keep a large stock of repaired starter and alternator rotors and stators of various types of vehicles.Beside of the mentioned, we are ready to repair bigger (up to 100kW)AC and DC motors as well as generators.We have cooperations with foreign firms for paid works, in witch case, the foreign partner supplies the parts needed for the work. Free capacities are available in this field.

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AC engine
air soft
air soft equipments
DC engine
electric aggregates
electric motors
electromagnet winding
electromotor aggregates
engine service
fork lift
fork lift repair
generators and aggregates
generators for reserved power supply
hydraulic pumps
industry service of engines and aggregates
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Ruđinački put bb
Vrnjačka Banja, 36210
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Fax: 036-631-711
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hydraulic machine reparation
hydraulic pumps
hydraulics pnemeutiqe
pumps Serbia
hydraulic machine reparation
hydraulic pumps
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Kralja Petra l.oslobodioca 106.
Stara Pazova, 22300
Tel.: 022/316-395
Fax: 022/311-994
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Moravska 16/10
Despotovac, 35213
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29. novembra 73/6
Aleksandrovac, 12370
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