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The company "Stolar Servis BGD" is dealing with:

- Service, repair and maintenance of all kind of PVC, aluminium joinery, blinds and other supporting elements, which means:

- Replacement of the complete turnaround-tilting sliding or folding mechanism or some parts (hinges, handles, side closures, angles, strikes, scissors, cylinders, locks, etc.).

- Repair of the existing turnaround tilting sliding, folding mechanism (chains).

- Replacement of rubber gaskets on all types of PVC and aluminium joinery, for better thermal and sound insulation.

- Replacement of all types of thermal insulation and glass panels.

- Replacement of mechanism for lowering - lifting blinds (tapes, rolling pins, mount blades, etc.).

- Replacement of damaged PVC and aluminium parts on blinds.

- Repair of blinds with electric motors.

- Repair intercom door lock.

- Repair of garage doors: ordinary, roller, or sectional.

- Installation of aluminium mounting boards, under the window boards, with L corner profile.

- Installation of fixed and roll-up mosquito nets.

We come by invitation to your address, quickly and efficiently eliminate all the problems and shortcomings of your joinery.

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Deligradska 5.
Subotica , 24000
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Ace Spasića 20.
Barič, 11504
Tel.: 011/8702-432

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Zorkina 1/B
Subotica , 24000
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  • Bambino

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Bambino company was established in 2002. It produced three models of baby beds.
After a year, capacity of the company extended to 15 models of baby beds and a few models of dresser for babies.

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  • Tel.: 063/8458097, 
  • Tel.: 064/1182482,