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-Manufacture of wire products-

We are producing and selling wire products, such as:
galvanized and pvc coated universal mesh
construction and craft nails of all sizes
barbed wire
galvanized and pvc coated wires with various thickness
concrete and metal poles
fence installation services
stretchers for wires

The production is automated and in accordance with standards.
We do installation services professionally with modern machines and with all required tools.

We want peoples to recognize us by our quality work, that is the reason why we try to make high quality products and services.


Metalouniverzal szr
Tekelijina 16
21000 Novi Sad

tel. 021/6341-114
fax. 021/6330-106

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burned wire
caps to the posts
construction nails
enclouser cover with plastic
fence making
galvanized wire
grif knitwear
little concrete pillars
Mesh galvanized
metal fences
nail manufacture
plastificated njire
pocink pletivo
screw product bevel
sell galvanized wire
stingly wire
universal Mesh
Universal Wire Mesh from plastic
Universzalis háló drót
wavy knit
wire accessories
wire and web
wire elements
wire fence
wire product
wire wholesale
woven wire fence
yard fences

burned wire
caps to the posts
construction nails
enclouser cover with plastic
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Sabljarska 8
Kanjiža, 24420
Tel.: +381 24 873 372
Fax: +381 24 872 706

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If you are looking for a distributor of hardware goods, you are at the right place!

The company "Techno-Ferum" Ltd. was founded in 1996. It`s main activity is wholesale and manufacturing of iron goods and wire products, around 300 tons per month.

From the assortment of our production, we would like to emphasize burned wires, construction and spiral nails and nails on bandolier of all types in packaging of 5 and 25 kg.

"Techno-Ferum" currently works with over 700 customers in the country and the region and today we are market leaders in this field.

You can look for us every working day from 07:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

The offer of "Techno-Ferum" consists of the following good and product assortment:
- nails
- burned wires
- galvanized wires
- screws
- plates for cutting and grinding
- electrodes
- CO2
- drills
- rasps
- UNIOR tools
- lubricators
- rivets
- galvanized fittings
- flanges
- chains
- cutting tools FRA Cacak
- tools
- And a lot more what you can look at:

Wholesale KANJIŽA
Tel: 024/873-706 Tel/Fax: 024/873-372

KANJIŽA 24420, Sabljarska 8

Business unit: Wholesale NOVI SAD
Tel: 021/661-03-19 Tel/Fax: 021/661-11-85

NOVI SAD 21000, Žitni trg 16/a

Business unit: Wholesale NOVA PAZOVA
Tel: 022/321-155

NOVA PAZOVA 22330, Cara Dušana 103 in the yard

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blue nails
burned wire
Enameled wire
flap disks
foundry nails
galvanized nails
galvanized wire
grinding discs
gvožđarska roba
Štrosmajerova 7
Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 063/751-98-60
Fax: 024/525-207

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"KOTI" PRODUCTION OF WIRE PRODUCTS, CHAINS AND SPRINGS - 96 years of experience and tradition

At our workshop, in the heart of Subotica, we deal with production and sale of:

- Knitted wires
- Knitted wires for fences
- Wire elements
- Wire accessories
- Traps for mice
- Traps for rats
- Brushes for chimneys
- Sieves for grinders
- Elements for cages
- Springs
- Anti-skid claws for shoes
- And many more wire products

- Here you can order cages according to your specification.

Working hours:
MON-FRI: 09:00 - 12:00 ; 16:00 - 17:00
We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tel.: +381 (0) 24 525 207
Mob.: +381 (0) 63 751 98 60

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annealed wire
burned wire
cage equipment
galvanized wire
sell galvanized wire
stingly wire
traps for rodents
wire accessories
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Kralja Petra l.oslobodioca 106.
Stara Pazova, 22300
Tel.: 022/316-395
Fax: 022/311-994

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  • Tel.: 063/112-6568, 
  • Tel.: 063/112-6323, 
  • Tel.: 063/112-6567, 
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Tanaska Rajića 11
Jagodina , 35000
Tel.: 035/245-831
Fax: 035/245-835

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  • Tel.: 035/244-835, 
  • Mobilni
    Tel.: 064/1236-069, 
  • Mobilni
    Tel.: 064/2559-098, 
  • E-mail:

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burned wire
galvanized wire
grif knitwear
plastificated njire
stingly wire
wire spring
burned wire
galvanized wire
grif knitwear