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The company Pack-Pack was found in 2010 in Novi Sad, taking over the operations of the company Uniplast, which was founded in 1987, which dealt with the production of foils of polyethylene, bags of various sizes and thickness of foil waste and recycling.

The company Pack-Pack packaging carefully listen to the market that has an increasing demand for packagigs strives to continuously promote its business and range of products adapted packaging-disposable demand.

With pleasure Pack-Pack can offer disposable packaging, which is widely used in packaging of food, vegetables, mushrooms, pastries, cakes, meat and meat products, fish.

If you have a need for packaging, please feel free to contact us or visit, we will help you in choosing packaging for your needs.

For more information visit our website!

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  • Tel.: 063/526-471, 

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bags for fast food
bags for pancakes
biodegradable bags
biodegradable bags with handles
board packaging
burek bags
cake pad
cone bags
eco bags
eco bags production
eco bags with handles
eco bags.
environmental bags
environmental paper bags
food packaging
freezer bag
hamburger bags
mignon baskets
natron bags
nylon bags
package and packaging
packaging for catering
packaging for food industries
packaging for food packaging
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Three new products volume 1000 and 1400 ml

¤ V/1000 round shape bottle volume 1000 ml, it could be used for vines, alcoholic drink, vinegar etc. New member of “vine family” together with V/187 and V/2000

¤ UG/1000-N round shape bottle volume 1000 ml with petal shape bottom which can “endure” carbonated drinks like soda, beer, kombucha tea etc.

¤ BO/1400 unusual bottle, volume 1400 ml. Its shape is look alike buoy with rounded bottom. It can lay only on side or in holder

"HemoTehna" Ltd Company from Subotica was founded in April, 1991.

We started the production of PET packaging in 1994, and modernized it with the purchase of new equipment in 2002. So we increased the capacity of the production, expanded the assortment and improved the quality of the packaging.

As a company we are committed to produce packaging for special purposes, in exclusive shapes and colors according to the customer`s demand. The concept of our production is based on strict control of each step of production, which enables us to meet the most rigorous demands.

From Sempember 2007 the management of the company established a sustainable directing system that meets the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

PET Polyethylene terephthalate is our choice first of all because of the technical characteristics this material offers. It is an attractive material, has good mechanical features, transparency and gloss. It substitutes conventional materials because it is cheap, weighs little, it is resistant to hits, grease and emulsifiers. One of its most important characteristics is that it is reusable.

In the last few years, "Hemotehna" Ltd. focused research on the issue of physical deformities on PET bottles. The problem occurred after bottling content that have a tendency to react later, which led to retraction of the bottle. To solve this problem, we offer caps with ventilated liners.


PET packaging for Food Industry: this PET packaging has a wide purpose of use: to pack oil, vinegar, distilled water, drinks, wine and similar.

PET packaging for household chemicals: this PET packaging is designed to pack household chemicals, liquid window cleaners, liquid fertilizers for plants and similar.

PET packaging for energy drinks: this PET packaging is designed to pack energy drinks and similar products.

PET packaging for Pharmaceutical Industry: this group of PET packaging is designed to pack pharmaceutical products.

PET packaging for alcoholic drinks: this group of PET packaging is for alcoholic drinks, ethereal oils, different elixirs and similar.

PET packaging for Chemical Industry: this group of PET packaging is to pack chemicals for agriculture, and it is also designed to pack medicines nad powdered products.

Tel.: +381(0) 24-546-136
Tel.: +381(0) 24-546-176
Fax: +381(0) 24-547-658

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 plastic bottle
bottle of brandy
bottles for pharmaceutics
bottles of oil
cosmetic package
distilled water
industry plastic packing 
package from plastic mass
packaging for cosmetic products
packaging for fragrances
packaging sale
packing for pharmacy trade
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Look at the products that are currently on sale

"MNG PLASTIK GOGIĆ" is a family-run company founded back in 1974. Production of various plastic products takes place in Indjija, altogether on 4.000 m2 under roof and 20.000 m2 in open space. Since our foundation we have worked on the development and the improvement of the quality of our products, which are, by means of modern equipment and supporting infrastructure, injected in our own facilities, and consequently exported to more than 25 countries of Europe, South America and Africa.

"MNG PLASTIK GOGIĆ" as a the leader in its field in the entire region, we are present in the markets of: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Albania, Greece, Bolivia, Gabon etc.

Constant increasing of production capacities resulted in wide product range, divided into the following segments:


Category "Waste management system" by Plastik Gogić company includes all components necessary for a cleaner and healthier environment in households, large factories and city streets.

- Waste management system
- Containers for waste separation
- Medical waste containers


Our company also produces consumer goods.
This program consists mostly of larger products meant for household use. Of course, we mostly produce specific types of products in accordance with our countrys market requirements and our product range is determined by the market.

- Oval bowl; Round bowl
- Barrel
- Water container; Water container support
- Oval dish; Round dish
- Bucket for mortar
- Bricklayers tray; Standard tray
- Pallet BOX
- UNI Crate


Introducing the new line of products! Elegance line are products of superior quality and modern design!

- Multipurpose case
- Shoe cabinet
- Umbrella stand
- Toilet brush
- Laundry hamper, Laundry basket
- Dustbin, Dustbin with pedal


When it comes to the gardening program, we strive to follow current trends and design of products which completely meet the market needs in terms of functionality. Our clients can confirm that quality, longevity and durability best describe our business policy.

- Square table
- Round table
- Oval table


The stadium chairs are made of PP (polypropylene co-polymer) with UV stabilizer. They are characterized by superior performance. Chairs are used in open stadiums and indoor sports facilities.

- Stadium chair Standard
- Stadium chair Folding
- Stadium chair Practic
- Stadium chair Derby
- Armchair for VIP box
- Bench for substitute players

Beside recognition received by side of our faithful customers, our value is proved through introduced quality management systems ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, as well as through numerous individual certificates for various products, like CE mark, EN 840 etc.

We proudly outline that "MNG PLASTIK GOGIĆ" was awarded the prize ProBusiness Leader for the best small enterprise in Serbia in 2012, that we were a holder of the electronic certificate SME Excellent, given by Serbian Chamber of Industry and Trade, in association with a globally operating credit insurer COFACE, issued for the companies with the highest solvency estimations.


22320 Inđija, Kralja Petra I bb, Serbia

+381 (22) 561-674
+381 (22) 555-306
+381 (22) 552-141

Official e-mail:

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bin for recycling
bucket with a pedal
bucket with insert
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Our company, "HARPET MV", deals with plastic processing.


We make your ideas come true even from the development to the production!

Our main activities are bottle blowing, injection molding, and screen labeling, as well as wholesale and retail sale.

Our product offer:

We produce bottles from 200 ml to 6000 ml, from PE, PP PET and PVC materials.

We also do screen labeling of the bottles.

We produce injection molded caps and packaging material.

The knowledge of our experts, with many years of experience, is the warranty to meet the demands of the customers in full.

We fulfill your orders within a short time.

We offer you help to make your ideas
come true in the research of a unique
cap, material or color.

During production we take the environmental requirements into account.

We constantly improve the production efficiency, improve the specific energy usage, we strive to minimize and recycle the waste generated by manufacturing.

Contact information:
Harpet MV doo
Tel: +381/24 553 022, +381/24 553 023
Mob: 069 20 22 802

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bottle up 499 ml
caps and handrails
caps for wine bottles
horeca equipment
jars and cups to 499 gr
ofset printing
package from plastic mass
pet packaging
plastic bags
plastic bottle
plastic bottles
plastic bottles.
plastic caps
plastic closures
plastic containers
plastic containers.
plastic cups
plastic fabrication
plastic glass production 
plastic jars
plastic kettle
plastic packing for food
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The company, "Gi-Go Comerce", was founded in 1991 in Nova Pazova. At that time the company was a small workshop which produced plastic objects, but now it has grown to a firm which can be recognized by its quality and wide range of products that are used every day in households.

Wide choice of plastic products: laundry clips, hangers, CD holders, glasses, soap holders, plastic curtains, espresso spoons, trays for cakes with a cover, soap boxes, flower pots, plastic plates, plates for rolls, dustpans, trays, caps for bottles with thread, bowls...

The products of Gi-Go Comerce are high quality and design, produced by modern machines which represent the top offer of European leading manufacturers. Gi-Go Comerece exports its products to Bulgaria, Ukraine and the to the republics of the former Yugoslavia.

Our products are made from a material that can be recycled, because we think of our children and the protection of their environment. Besides production we also do plastic injecting services.

The company also deals with wholesale and import of Italian program - mops, mop buckets, brooms, sweepers, back brushes, scrubbing brushes, toilet brushes, laundry drying cables, rubbers for bathtubs and other household products.

Household dishes that are made of the most quality plastic, in accordance to certain standards, are meant for food keeping and packing.

Plastic boxes for the freezer with a hermetic lid which has a silicone gasket are safe for food keeping.

"Frigo" boxes can be put into the freezer and to the microwave and they can be washed in the dishwasher. They are extremely durable, they don`t omit air nor water, so the food inside them is totally safe.

Production and wholesale of laundry clips for light laundry and "crocodile" clips for heavy laundry, made of polypropylene with a galvanized spring.

Gi-Go Comerce
Company for manufacturing, trading and intercession

Slobodana Penezića 2
Nova Pazova 22330
tel-faks: +381(0)22 321 307
mobile: +381(0)63 544 498

Cara Dušana 64
Nova Pazova 22330
mobile: +381(0)63 711 40 72
mobile: +381(0)63 544 498


Retail Sale
Cara Dušana 21
Nova Pazova 22330

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Boxes for cakes and cookies
plastic basket
plastic boxes 
plastic boxes for cakes
plastic cups
plastic fabrication
plastic fancy good
plastic fittings
plastic glass production 
plastic items
plastic kettle
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Production of plastic injected packages for food industry.

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candy packaging industry
cans for food and dispersion
dairy packaging
packaging for food industries
packaging for food packaging
Plastic Packaging
plastic packing for food
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Bulevar Zorano Djindjica 64a
Novi Beograd, 11070
Tel.: 011 220 93 00
Fax: 011 220 93 10
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Beograd, 11000
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Pilota Zorana Latkovića 19
Nova Pazova, 22330
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Vladičin Han, 17510
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Kralja Petra I 18
Nova Pazova, 22330
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Industrijska Zona bb
Odžaci, 25250
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