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At a time when energy is becoming more expensive, it is a decisive factor in its rational use. Consequently, the market is flooded with offers from various manufacturers. We offer the best rate of quality and price.
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Solomatic, external Venetian blind, installed on the exterior of the windows, thus protecting the glass from heat and UV radiation. By rotating the blades from 0°-180° along the horizontal axis, daylight can be dosed as needed.

more details >>> Solomatic

Harmonica doors represent an ideal, practical and inexpensive solution.

more details >>> Harmonica doors

LG Mont zebra curtains for the warmth of your home. They are made of high quality materials and patterns that will satisfy your every wish.
more details >>> Zebra curtains

Special fabrics that are light-proof. They are also used as a replacement for external shutters, to reduce the room temperature or to completely darken the room. They are mounted on the window frame or on the window itself ...
more details >>> Roller curtains

High-quality structural elements with breathable canvases, acrylic with teflon protection, and protection from UV radiation, which is becoming increasingly important. A large selection of models make your wishes come true.

more details >>> Awnings

Mosquito nets are one of the most common protection against insects for windows and doors in our market. In our offer we have "plise", ordinary mosquito nets, roll mosquito nets... for different types of windows and doors.

more details >>> Mosquito nets

Rolling garage doors with electric drive and remote control add significantly to your living comfort and make the space usable.

more details >>> Rolo garažna vrata

They have become an inevitable detail in private homes and apartments, offices, schools, kindergartens, health centers, hospitals, etc. Very practical in function, with a wide range of colors on offer and easy for maintenance.
more details >>> Ribbon and panel curtains

Interior Venetian blinds are a minimal investment with high impact, especially in summer. A wide range of colors can make your space a very comfortable place to stay.

more details >>> Venetian blinds

In winter, they protect the windows from cooling and in the summer from heating and UV radiation. An extremely useful and profitable investment. With manual or electric drive in a wide range of colors. Transparent shutters for the protection of the window glass but with sufficient daylight.
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Closing the terraces is possible in many ways. Through communication with you, we come to a rational solution together, respecting your needs and requirements.

more details >>> Closing of terraces

"LG-MONT" is a workshop which was founded in 1993. For the whole time of our existence, we have never rushed after big jobs because of the realistic assumption that quantity ruins the quality of the service.The fact that we are still existing, I suppose, speaks about the essence of our business. To respect deadlines, to give good quality and to fix the problem in the shortest period of time, doesn`t matter who`s fault it was. For these reasons we mostly work in the territory of Novi Sad, but if circumstances require, we make our working territory wider.

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Patrijarha Dimitrija 135
Rakovica, 11090
Tel.: 011 2560 863

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company : A&T Badex
address : Patrijarha Dimitrija 135, Rakovica
city : Beograd
country : Srbija
telefon1 : 060 7270 111 - Bane
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business : aluminijumska stolarija
keywords : pvc stolarija, aluminijumska stolarija, roletne prodaja, okapnice prodaja
description : Ideja vodilja osnivača firme A&T Badex je visoki standard, stručnost, tehnička inventivnost i organizovanost u oblasti kojom se bavimo, želja da naši proizvodi i usluge podignu kvalitet života u vašem stambenom, poslovnom i svakom drugom životnom prostoru. Postojimo od 2004. godine i naša osnovna delatnost je proizvodnja aluminijumske i pvc stolarije, uz kompletni prateći program - roletne, komarnici, ograde, grilje - žaluzine, aluminijumske okapnice, podprozorske daske, venecijaneri i trakaste zavese.
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Jagodinska 10
Niš, 18000
Tel.: 018/571-387
Fax: 018/573-329

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aluminium joinery
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Zorana Đinđića 115/ll
Novi Beograd, 11070
Tel.: 011/311-9578

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