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Detective agency ANONIMUS plus is a licensed detective agency that operates under a license to perform detective work number 15-2631 / 4, issued by the Ministry of Interior of Serbia. All detective work in the agency is performed exclusively by licensed private detectives, with decades of experience. The detective agency ANONIMUS plus operates in the private security sector, primarily in the field of detective work. The detective agency is closely specialized in detective work, and operating in this field for a decade, we have been successfully providing all types of professional detective services. With its headquarters in Belgrade and over a decade of successful business history and experience in the security and intelligence world, the detective agency operates successfully and provides professional and discreet detective services to individuals and legal entities in the local, regional and global area. With a business philosophy based on the principle of quality of service and high standards, the detective agency ANONIMUS plus is ahead of others because we provide the most diverse offer of detective services. We are committed to constant development and improvement in the form of business policy as well as out of respect for our clients who have become accustomed to us through years of cooperation, bonded with us and gained trust, which is the most important thing in our industry. Our clients expect us to be able to successfully solve all jobs, face all challenges and respond to all their needs.

We conduct investigations in a confidential and discreet manner, and with extreme care. Our staff is made up of security experts, trained and qualified for security tasks. Our team consists of former secret service operatives, police, masters of security and criminology, polygraph examiners, forensic scientists, lawyers, psychologists and IT security experts. All members of the detective agency ANONIMUS plus are university educated and have decades of experience in security affairs. Our staff is a combination of the wisdom and experience of older operatives and the strength and youth of younger operatives, thus combining the best of both worlds. We are proud of the results so far, the methods used as well as the standard of operations performed. Our operatives work in groups but are also trained to work individually, if the task requires it. For more complicated and dangerous tasks, we hire our team of operatives-specialists, former members of the military counter-intelligence service.

We have our own polygraph center and private detective agency


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The Anonymous detective agency is located at 72 Bulevar Kneza Aleksandra Karađorđevića Street, Dedinje, Belgrade.

Contact telephones are 011-2835531 and 064-1199880.

We would like to inform all interested parties that meetings, conversations and consultations in the agency are conducted exclusively on the principle of prior appointment via www.privatnidetektiv.rsany of our contact numbers in order to obtain an appointment for a meeting in our business premises. All meetings and consultations are free and can be scheduled 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Kneza Višeslava broj 63.
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 064/ 129-2-921
Fax: 065/ 507-0-888

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  • Tel.: 063/ 129-2-921 ,