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Nikole Tesle 1
Temerin, 21235
Tel.: 021/845-415
Fax: 021/845-077
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Small family production organization, which deals with extruding of PVC. As a secondary activity, we deal with sale, exclusively with wholesale of PVC products and consulting in the area of equipment and technology of PVC processing.


  • PVC pipes for greenhouse constructions

  • rods, stakes, for vegetables

  • supports for sprayers with threads on both ends 3/4 "and 1"

  • drilling wells up to Ø 140, glued or threaded joints

  • perforated pipes for borehole sieves

  • plugs and reductions for all diameters

  • PVC profiles for the construction industry
    - protective battens with and without a net
    - initial battens for DEMIT facade 50
    - all kinds of PVC profiles

  • Hard PVC granulates only by order

  • More contacts:

    • Gdja. Jurjević Snežana
      Tel.: 063/527-473, 
    • Gdin. Dušan Mustapić
      Tel.: 064/133-4466, 

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    extruded plastic
moldings wholesale
plastic tubes
plastic plastic ware
producing plastic profiles
production of PVC window profile
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    Independent shop Mirkovic Plast is engaged in processing plastics since 1974. year. We started with the production of ping-pong ball, table tennis, table tennis rackets and fishing tackle (box of eats worms, the reel winder), and in that time we worked with the Kormoran and Schildkrote from Munich regarding balls and rackets for table tennis. After that expanding activity in the hoses and pipes of various sizes and purpose - for water, sewage, tires and more.
    Since 1994. was we cooperate with the Battery Factory Sombor, and only we worked case for batteries of 180 Ah and 55 Ah and associated parts for them, handles, plugs, kondenz receptacles and many other small items related to the batteries and the manufacturer of Sombor Black Horse!

    Injection is done on machines ranging from 50 g to 2.5 kg and the following products:
    • Ping Pong Balls - molded and ironed
    • Polyamide rings to the security of the screw nut M14 - M40
    • Anchor facade
    • Paper tube for thermo foil for the fiscal cash register
    • Rose for juvidur tubes (for building)
    • Plug the juvidur rose tube
    • Plug the inner drainage tube fi 50
    • Plug the inner square tube 30 x 30
    • Plug the outer square tube 30 x 30
    • Fridge magnet - transparent 60 x 40 mm, panorama 115 x 40 mm
    • Turn signal, Italian, round, 45 for South
    • Coffee Spoon 100 mm
    • Pail eats worms (the fishermen) with lid and handle
    • Toilet seat, Italian, corresponding to the shape of the Baltics - YU cup
    • Nursery container with 216 boxes - Grow Group, Holland

    Extrusion may be made for all types of materials and forms:
    • Pneumatic hoses (high pressure PA and low pressure PE)
    • Polyamide hoses used for brake systems and compressor systems that are suffering and pressures to 20 bar
    • Polyethylene is used for smaller pressures up to 6 bar
    • Hoses for water supply from ½ "- 2", and to order the larger size
    • Polyethylene also has wide application and can be used for other purposes
    • Pipes made ​​of hard PVC products for various purposes: for packaging, for aquariums, for use in agriculture, supply channels, the final molding tile in bathrooms
    • Hoses from soft PVC: Vagres hose, garden hose, tubing systems for fishermen
    • Sewer pipes are made of PP and from 50-250 mm fi
    • Flush pipe

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    abrasive material production
buffer blocks
buffer equipment
buffer material
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buffer tools production
emery tool buffer
extruded plastic
Extruder: crepe CO-EXTRUSION
flexible tube
hose for oil
hoses production
molded plastic packaging
package from plastic mass
pipe for fuel injection
pipes and hoses of polymer ethylene
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    Meta Plast Ltd. was established in 1996. From 1998. it occupies with the production PVC hoses and profiles.
    We offer a range of high quality products: simple garden hoses, reinforce and spiral hoses.
    We produce:
    - vagres hoses
    - reinforced PVC hoses of PE 20/60 Bars
    - garden hoses
    - suctioned-repressed hoses
    - siphon hoses
    - hoses hor condensated air conditionals
    - spaghetti
    - seals from soft PVC
    - custom cable
    - various plastic profiles

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    aluminum and plastic profile
archival product
blown packaging
crosslinked PVC hoses for welding
extruded plastic
flexible hose
hoses production
metal working
package from plastic mass
pipes and hoses of polymer ethylene
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      Production program

    • Plastic tubs for water

    • Plastic tubs

    • Tubs

    • Vertical tanks

    • Water tanks

    • Oil tanks

    • Fuel tanks

    • Horizontal tanks

    • Plastic tanks

    • Tanks

    • Septic tanks

    • Separators

    • Separators for fats and oils

    • Rectangular tubs

    • Pipes for ventilation

    • Ventilation pipes

    • Pipes for sewerage

    • Drainage pipes

    • Pipes for drainage

    • Sewage structures

    • Plastic pontoons

    • Plastic pontoons for rafts

    • Pontoons

    Plastic tubs

    Using the properties of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PPH) and with special technologies in their processing we are producing plastic opened reservoirs - tubs. These plastic tubs are sun resistant, they dont give away smell, and dont receive odor substances in them. In our regiont are used for fermenting fruit and vegetables (plums, grapes, apples, cabbage...). They can be used for storage of water for drinking, different chemicals, granular materials, animal food, etc. We produce them in standard black color but we can produce other color too by customers request. There are two kinds, with or without cover.

    Vertical tanks

    Vertical plastic reservoirs and plastic tubs are produced with the same technology. Using the properties of polyethylene and polypropylene we produce a product that can resolve a lot of problems in storage, handling liquids, aggressive chemicals in the chemical industry in general. It is mostly used for storage of drinking water, oil, bio diesel, heating oil, various chemicals... Vertical tanks are produced in volumes up to 50.000l.

    Ghibiplast vertical reservoirs are chemically resistant for chemicals and aggressive materials.
    Thermo resistant - on temperatures from -30°C to +80°C, if they are produced from polypropylene than from -10°C up to +100°C.

    About us

    The private company "Ghibiplast" from Osecina is producing and processing plastic polyethylene mass with high density (HDPE) and polypropylene. With special technologies in their processing with the technology spiral winding we are producing plastic boats and other plastic elements. Our products and their production process clearly shows that we are very caring about human health and environmental protection. Todays technology allows everything, all you need is imagination!

    More contacts:

    • gospodin Marko Miljković
      Tel.: 064-1323-134, 
    • Tel.: 064/2630-503, 

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plastic plastic ware
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polyetilen rezervoir
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    Čantavirski put bb.
    Subotica , 24000
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    pe pipes 
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    Kraljevo , 36100
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    Inđija, 22320
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    Toplička BB
    Čačak , 32000
    Tel.: 032/221-384
    Fax: 032/221-670
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    More contacts:

    • Mobilni
      Tel.: 063/239-001, 

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conduit and sewerage
drainage material
flange sets
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    Inđija, 22320
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    Niš, 18000
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