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Rađenović-Plast Company offers its services to the market since 2008.

In the beginning, our main business was to repair plastic and polyester objects. Shortly after this we began to produce plastic and polyester objects and molds.

As the needs of the market became more demanding, our company developed and expanded both in terms of the types of services and in product range.

Since 2009 our services include: 

* Restoration and repair of all types of tanks (with polyester) 
* Repair of truck tarpaulin 
* Installation of polypropylene pipelines

In 2010 we expanded our services with: 

* Polyester industrial floors 
* Industrial floors - epoxy resins 
* Isolation and laminating vans and pick up trucks 
* Producing new truck tarpaulins, awnings, banners, etc.

Since 2011 we offer to the market: 

* Production and repair of complex objects made ​​of polyester, and coating of large concrete surfaces of tanks 
* Restoration of industrial waste-water tanks with polyester coating 
* Installation of PVC and PE industrial pipelines. 
* Plexiglass program

Our special offer:

- no smoking and smoking signs

Rađenović-Plast Company will continue to tend to improve the quality of its services and products.



Rađenović-Plast Company is able to offer the customers a wide range of elements for playgrounds:


Slides are made by laminating glass cloth and polyester resin and characterized by excellent physical and mechanical features. Slides are UV stable. The length of the slide is 3 meters.
Standard colors are: blue, red and yellow.
We make colorful slides and slides with features (eg, Sponge Bob, etc.).
We deliver childrens slides in the form of boards or with complete construction.
The construction is metal, can be assembled and disassembled and is able to be applied on all types of surfaces.

Toys on a spring

We produce toys on a spring, with different motives:
horses, rabbits and others .

Jungle gyms

Jungle gyms are suitable for children from 3 to 13 years of age.
Jungle gyms are two-sided, one side is an artificial rock and the other side is a net.

We are also able to produce other equipments for playgrounds: swings, seesaws, etc...

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equipping children's playgrounds
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glass roof
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industrial floors plastificators
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methodology of shading (window shade roll-top)
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plastification of metal
plastification of metal products
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It all started a long time ago, in 1876, when Mr. August Tabori, Mr. Branimir Dimitrijevic’s great-great-grandfather, founded the carpentry industry in Sarajevo, which outlived both world wars and operated successfully until 1945. The present-day carpentry industry “Tabori” in Bor was founded in Honour of its predecessor, thus reviving almost seventy-year long tradition after more than half a century.

Our company offers a wide selection of wood products for arranging and decoration of gardens and outdoor living space. Our product spectrum comprises pergolas, gazebos, arbours & trellises, pots and jardinières, and we are also proud to offer children’s playgrounds with towers, little bridges, houses, swings, climbers and toboggans, which will present your children with creative and unforgettable moments.

The carpentry industry “Tabori” cooperates with an experienced team of architects, construction managers and decorators. Clients may request different types of woods: beech, pine, oak or larch.

All Tabori’s wood products are impregnated and thus protected against insects, fungi, fire, UV radiation and mould. we use safe and environmentally friendly biological preparations.

A garden can add lots of decor to your house and let you be closer to the nature. The beautiful garden view can give you a feeling of happiness and cosiness. You can create your own beautiful garden by means of some unique additions. Beside colourful flowers and green plants, you can make your garden special in many other ways – and we are happy to open the door to a variety of small paradises for you….

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children's playgrounds equipment
covered bench
covered bench installation and assembly
equipments for children's rooms
equipping children's playgrounds
equipping children's playroom and playground
manufacturing of wood stairway
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Production of slides
program for children
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