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The company, "TIM" Ltd, has existed on the
Serbian market since 1992.

The basic activity of "TIM Ltd" is manufacturing and production of plastic products.

Our facilities are equipped with:
- Three-layer co-extrusion line for stretch film
- Three-layer extrusion lines for LDPE
- One extruder for HDPE
- One mono extruder for LDPE

We are also equipped with machines for:

- Forming bags
- Printing machines
- A series of accompanying machines for stationery

The current capacity is 30 tons of foil per day.

Range of products includes all types of polyethylene foils and bags as:

* TMF or polyethylene thermomono foils
* Stretch foils
* Flexible, so called stretchood foils
* Suspenders and boutique bags
* Plastic bags, paper bags
* Garbage bags
* Heavy industrial bags
* Hood for palettes
* Foils for the construction industry
* Agricultural foils


- Extrusion
- Regranulation
- Stationery
- Press


For sure the most important segment of the company are their customers and it is necessary to list some of the biggest customers as follow:

- Actavis, Leskovac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Apatinska pivara doo, Apatin – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- BIP, Beograd – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Borverk Eurotrade doo, Beograd – Polyethylene bags and hoods and stretch film
- Chemo Plastics Production GmbH, Hemmingen, Deutschland – Polypropylene film, polyetylene film, bags and hoods
- Coca Cola HBC-Srbija, Zemun – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Delhaize Serbia doo, Novi Beograd – T shirt bags
- Drenik ND doo, Beograd – Monofilm and stretch film
- Frutti doo, Šabac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Galenika, Beograd – Polypropylene films and mono films
- Gorenje doo, Valjevo – Thermoshrink film and hoods
- Granice doo, Mladenovac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Hemofarm AD, Vršac – Thermoshrink film, polyethylene bags and films, polypropylene film and stretch film
- Imlek AD, Beograd – Thermoshrink film, polyethylene bags and stretch film
- Knjaz Miloš AD, Aranđelovac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Meggle Srbija doo, Kragujevac – Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Minakva, Novi Sad - Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Tarkett, Bačka Palanka – Monofilm
- Vapeks doo, Preljina – Industrial monofilm
- Voda Vrnjci A.D., Vrnjačka Banja - Thermoshrink film and stretch film
- Zagrebačka pivovara doo, Zagreb – Stretch film

Director: Milica Vlahović
Direktor komercijale: Milan Preradović
Tel.: 062/607-414

Commercial, acquisition, sale
Tel.: 013/651-404
Fax: 013/652-784

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Batajnički drum 285a
Zemun, 11080
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StanTech is specialized in machine design and production of various packaging equipment.

We are specialized in manufacturing of high speed packaging lines for the most demanding production needs in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and packaging industry.

Stan Tech is proud to offer big variety of fully automated systems from three main areas of packaging industry:

Cardboard packaging:

Carton erecting machines
Carton forming machines
Carton closing machines
Carton loading machines

Tray filling and sealing:

Machines for filling and sealing of preformed trays (plastic and aluminum trays, cans, etc)
Machines for sealing trays with lid stock film or precut lids
Machines for filling and sealing of trays in modified atmosphere packaging
Bottle unscrambles
StanTech business activities are primarily focused on exporting, so far mostly on USA and EU markets.

Our engineering experience and determination to the highest quality product is making us ideal partner for enterprises needing reliable and durable high speed production lines. As part of further business development we have extended our activities in the region of Eastern Europe.

As part of USA marketing activities StanTech machines are being part of IFPA shows.

For the past few years Stan Tech is exhibiting on Belgrade’s PACHTECH show. In November 2011 we have presented our program on the general exhibition in Tirana.

This year we are exhibiting on ANUGA Food Tech in Cologne, Germany from 27th to 30th of March 2012. ANUGA Food Tec , the world most famous exhibition for food and drink technology, take part every three years in Cologne, and presents the most important business event of this kind in Europe where top manufacturing companies show their latest achievements.

We would like to take this opportunity to kindly invite you to visit us at our booth A031 in the Hall 7. We’ll be glad and honored to be your host for the event. Come to visit us!

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Charging Systems
foils for food packaging 
heat isolated foil
machines for food industry
metering systems
packing machine
systems for packaging
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27. Marta 22
Ćuprija, 35230
Tel.: 035/8477 876
Fax: 035/477 085
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More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063/622-536, 
  • Tel.: 063/8956-599, 
  • Tel.: 063/687-672, 
  • Tel.: 035/477-875, 
  • Tel.: 035/477-876, 
  • Tel.: 035/477-085, 
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Patrijarha Dimitrija br. 24
Rakovica, 11090
Tel.: 011 785-05-31
Fax: 011 356-21-50
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Krajiška BB
Nova Pazova, 22330
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