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Pro-mont Ltd. produces stainless steel equipment for breweries, wineries and dairies.

We are located in Sremski Karlovci, we have been operating in these areas for 30 years. We cooperate with large and small manufacturers who need to use modern equipment in their drives and workshops. Our production program allows you to choose stainless steel products of good quality, which are produced according to your request.

Our mission is quality and precision in manufacturing, accuracy in delivery and customer respect. This is ensured by our experienced production and delivery team.

Our vision is to position ourselves as a reliable company that will provide you with the best possible service in the shortest possible time.

We are based in Serbia, but we cooperate with clients from all over Europe. If you have an idea for a project, give us a call!

Our products:

  • Inox wine containers
    ~ wine vinification tanks
    ~ Insulated wine tanks
    ~ wine fermentation tanks
    ~ Variable capacity wine tanks

  • Equipment for dairies
    ~ Batch pasteuriser
    ~ Cheese vats / vat batch pasteuriser
    ~ Cheese prepress
    ~ Cheese press
    ~ Small cheese equipment

  • Craft brewerie quipment
    ~ Mash tun
    ~ Whirlpool tun
    ~ Beer fermentation tanks
    ~ Hot water tank / cold water tank
    ~ Beer bottle fillers

  • Other products
    ~ Honey homogenizer
    ~ CIP system - "Cleaning-in-place" (system for washing pipelines and equipment)
    ~ Mixing tanks with agitators
    ~ Brandy pot still
    ~ Milk transportation tanks

    Our references can be viewed here.

    PRO-MONT doo
    Ilije Okruglića 8
    21205 Sremski Karlovci
    Phone: 021 6430 772

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accessories stainless steel
conservatory  for brandy
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