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The company, METAL a.d. - Kanjiža has been present on the Serbian market since 1958. The new owners follow European trends, that`s why they constantly widen the assortment of the goods which we offer to our regular and potential customers and partners.

Besides metal procession, metal ware, screws, fasteners, racks, holders, stands, metal structures according to the customer`s order, METAL a.d. - Kanjiža also has its wholesale where in the first place we offer the following:

KRAUSE - Werk GmbH Germany - the program of professional aluminum ladders, movable construction stands, facade scaffolds.

Tools for masons, painters, carpenters (jointers, scrapers, spreaders, protective fence for construction works...) Concrete mixer - LIV - Slovenia.

Agricultural hand tools - MUTA Slovenia, (villas, spades, shovels, rakes, hoes, pickaxes, axes, scythes, sickles and agricultural carts, mill carts, sprayers...)

Welding machines and protective equipment, as well as electrodes (Jadran, VAC wire...), Varstroj.

Spraying devices, watering equipment, lawnmowers, motor hoes and many other items for wide consumption for home and professional use.

Wheels of all kinds - LIV WHEELS - Postojna, and all this at affordable prices.

"METAL" a.d. - Kanjiža
24420 Kanjiža, Put Narodnih heroja 10. Serbia
TEL: +(381) 024-874-243, +(381) 024-874-138
FAX: +(381) 024-873-707

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aluminum ladder
bricklaying tools
cnc metal processing
equipment for irrigation and watering
facade scaffolding
Facade scaffolding
garden tool
locksmith good metal construction
machine metal processing
metal construction
metal goods
powered saw lawnmower
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"AgroGas" Ltd is a private company. It was formed in 2000. Our company deals with:

Traction machines and machines:
¤ IMT and TAFE tractors as the main program
¤ Tractor Yagmur - fruit-growing, as an additional tractor program
¤ Cultivators Valpadana
¤ Connecting machines to tractors and power cultivators

Spare parts and components:
¤ IMT and IMR - motors and tractors
¤ Lomardini -motors
¤ IMT and TAFE - tractors

Service and maintenance:
¤ IMT and TAFE - removal
¤ IMT and TAFE - and after warranty period
¤ Power cultivators - warranty period
¤ Terminal Machinery

¤ Design, installation and customer training
¤ Program drop by drop
¤ Program nozzle
¤ Program Typhon

For this program Agrogas is an agent for the Indian company AQUA and for company from USA and EU.

Grain silos for grain:
¤ Silo cell from 23 to 3450 tons of wheat per cell
¤ Equipment for silos
¤ Design of foundation and silo

...more at >>>


Tel.: 011/311-47-29 Tel.: 011/213-94-93

More contacts:

    11070 Novi Beograd , Milutina Milankovića 120a
    E-mail: +381 (0)11 311 47 29,  Fax: +381 (0)11 313 21 28
  • Velika Ivanča
    11400 Mladenovac, MARTOVSKA BB
    Tel.: +381 (0)11 821 27 51,  Fax: +381 (0)11 821 27 52
  • Grocka
    11306 Grocka, BULEVAR REVOLUCIJE 33
    Tel.: +381 (0) 11 85 00 778, 
  • Mladenovac
    11400 Mladenovac, KRALJA PETRA I 138
    Tel.: +381 (0) 11 82 30 551,  Fax: +381 (0) 11 63 01 766
  • Međulužje
    11400 Mladenovac, VOJVODE VIĆENTIJA 18
    Tel.: +381 (0) 11 77 42 580,  Fax: +381 (0) 11 77 42 628

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IMR Rakovica
IMT Beograd (Massey Ferguson)
Sun Spares

agrarian machine and equipment
agricultural irrigation
agricultural machine
agricultural machines
agricultural mechanical engineering
agricultural mechanization
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ETALON - a new name in the field of amelioration

We deal with design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, in gardens, parks, sports fields, orchards and nurseries. We also deal with design and maintenance of drainage systems in gardens, parks, sports facilities, construction fields... We design and build disinfection barriers for farms and fodder factories, which are suitable for existing objects.

There are more than 200 finished representative irrigation systems behind us that we built for other companies. We can be proud of the works which were the most significant projects in the field of irrigation in the country and in surrounding countries. 10 years of experience of fieldwork is the guarantee for quality.

Knowing the pros and cons of existing companies which deal with irrigation, we are ready to give all our energy and strength into the field of irrigation and drainage systems which will be easy to recognize.

We would like to become a new, modern, efficient and correct company in which we will build in all of our acquired knowledge and experience.


Address: Maršala Tita 86, Ečka

Owner: Nadlački Radivoj - Rasa, graduate engineer


Telephone/fax: 023/882-473

Cell phone: 063/523-311, 065/3523-311

Web address:

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agricultural irrigation
automatic irrigation
automatic watering systems
disinfection bariers
drainage systems
equipment for irrigation and watering
installation of automatic irrigation system
Irrigation equipment
irrigation of sports fields
irrigation systems
irrigation systems
irrigation systems for gardens
micro irrigating
micro watering
systems for drip irrigation
trickle watering
watering lawns
watering systems
agricultural irrigation
automatic irrigation

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KATEGORIJE /kliknite na link/

¤ Spojnice za PE cevi
¤ POP UP rasprskivači, sprejeri i udarni rasprskivač
¤ Kap po kap creva i trake
¤ Filteri, fertirigacija, venturi i uređaji
¤ Okiten
¤ Kapljači
¤ Mikrorasprskivači
¤ Hoby dvorište - bašta program prskalice
¤ Plastični rasprskivači, poljoprivredni program
¤ Metalni rasprskivači, poljoprivredni program
¤ Ventili, šahte, pop-up spojke, brze spojke, oduške
¤ Kišni topovi
¤ Slavinice, obujmice, ventili kap po kap
¤ Spojnice sa navojima

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 011 630 17 66, 
  • Veleprodaji Velika Ivanča
    Tel.: 011 821 27 52, 
  • Tel.: 011 774 26 28, 
  • Maloprodajni centar Medjulužje, Mladenovac
    ul. Vojvode Vićentija18
    Tel.: 011 774 25 80, 
  • Maloprodaja GROCKA
    Bulevar Revolucije 33
    Tel.: 011 850 07 78, 
  • Tel.: 011 821 27 52, 
  • Maloprodaja MLADENOVAC
    Kralja Petra 138
    Tel.: 011 823 05 51, 
  • Veleprodaja MLADENOVAC
    Martovska BB.Velika Ivanča
    Tel.: 011 821 27 51, 

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agricultural irrigation
automatic irrigation
Automatic irrigation systems
drip irrigation systems
equipment for irrigation and watering
installation of automatic irrigation system
Irrigation equipment
irrigation of sports fields
irrigation systems
irrigation systems for gardens
irritation systems
micro irrigator
micro irrigators
Petefi Šandora 8
Palić, 24413
Tel.: (0)64/168 –92–54
Fax: (0) 24 / 755 – 441

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Šandora Petefija br.8
24413 Palić, Srbija
Tel: +381 (0)24/755–441
+381 (0)64/168–92–54

More contacts:

  • kontakt
    Tel.: (0)64/168 –92–54, 

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agricultural irrigation
Automatic irrigation systems
equipment for irrigation and watering
Irrigation equipment
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  • dir Saša Simonović
    Tel.: 063/428-472, 
  • zam. dir. Nenad Simonović
    Tel.: 063-428-471, 

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agricultural irrigation
automatic irrigation
equipment for irrigation and watering