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The company PlastMa was established in 2002 in Bačka Palanka, Serbia.

The company is specialized for plastic injection machines and auxiliary equipment.

We are the exclusive representative for Ex Yugoslavia:

HAITIAN - classical and servo-controlled machines for plastic injection.

ZHAFIR - electrical machines for plastic injection

SHINI - auxiliary equipment for plastic processing (drying, transport granules, feeders, blenders, chillers, equipment for tempering, grinding mills, robots...)

REFERENCES: over 430 delivered machines for plastic injection, from 600 kN - 21000 kN closing strength.

Guided by the principles of competence and expertise, with long years of experience, high quality equipment and competitive prices, we have achieved results that we are proud of: more than 430 installed machines for plastic injection and successful cooperation with over 150 firms from our region.

Our esteemed customers are the most famous companies in this field in the region. Our most important task is as a representative manufacturer of equipment is to ensure reliable and efficient service and technical support.

In addition to qualified service personnel, we have available stock of spare parts and equipment, and logistical support to our principals.

Series MARS II

Second generation of economical, servo plastic injection machines.

Haitian is one of the pioneers in the progress of production of energy effective injection machines and has four patents from this area. The series MARS is a best-seller from the company, Haitian, until now 100.000 pieces have been sold worldwide.

The innovative concept achieves energy savings of 20% to 80% compared to conventional hydraulic machines.

Modular construction, a wide range of possible applications, improved system control unit injectors and the latest control technology from Austria, are just some of the reasons why this series has achieved such success on the market.


Second generation of economical, servo plastic injection machines with two molding plates.

It is intended for injecting products of large dimensions, like parts for car industry, garbage containers, plates, packaging and similar.
Jupiter II is improved by a series of machines with closing forces from 6000 to 60 000 kN. The biggest delivered machine in this series is JUII of 66 000 kN.

Series PLUTO

Classical hydraulic injection machines with a closing power of 860-5300 kN.

Series PLUTO is meant for production for wide consumption, like household products, products for general purpose and similar. It is a very reliable series of machines at affordable prices.


"Two-colored" (two-components) plastic injection machines.


Second generation of electric plastic injection machines.

The result of intensive cooperation between German and Chinese specialists, with the motto "Fully electric design at affordable prices," Venus II series adapts to the most varied and most complex requirements manufacturer. We offer a standard version, models with greater driving force, as well as specialized models for the production of packaging. High speed injection (350 mm/s), parallel movements in all axes, superior performance.

Series ZERES - hybrid injection molding machine

Series ZERES combines the best features of a fully electric machines VENUS II and servo-hydraulic machine MARS II.

Extremely flexible hybrid injection molding machines with servo-electric drive screw and the opening/closing of the mold, a servo-hydraulic drive cylinder bouncer and management centers.

ZERES offers all the benefits of a fully electric machines: precision, energy saving, fast cycle, as well as easy maintenance and cleanliness of the working environment, with a significantly lower price.


Newest generation of electric plastic injection machines, developed in cooperation with German and Chinese engineers.

In the development and production we use the newest knowledge and technologies to get the machine with superior characteristics.

The series Mercury is intended for injecting products of the highest and most complex demands, like: complex geometrical shape, accuracy of dimensions, particular mechanical and other characteristics.

Auxiliary equipment SHINI:

- feeders and mixers
- mills
- robots
- dryers
- temperirals
- transporters

New in our offer - Vertical injection machines TAYU

The company TAYU Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of vertical plastic injection machines.

The vertical injection machine TAYU is recognizable by its compact and elegant design, which also allows easier access to the mold, easy maintenance and significant savings of work-space. The vertical configuration ensures precise control of the production process and high quality products. A wide range of possible applications: electrical parts and components, auto parts, tools and technical equipment, products with coating, the combination of colors and materials, and similar.

The offer includes:

1. The standard vertical injection machine -series TY

2. Vertical injection machine without ribbon - Series TC

3. Vertical injection machine to produce larger dimensions - series TK

The available versions for each of the series: models with fixed, mobile (1 or 2 workstations) or rotating table, and two-colored machines.

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Mirković Plast has existed since 1976 and deals with plastic and metal products.

In our offer we have:

Injection of containers for seedlings, caps, toilet seats, anchors, cups, ping-pong balls, reducers, keyrings, silicone for fiscal rolls, slides for seedlings, sprinklers, plastic parts for batteries....more details >>> Injection

Extrusion of all types of plumbing pipes, pipes for sewage, juvidur tubes, drainage pipes, fluo-tubes, pneumatic pipes, square pipes, PVC pipes, aquarium tubes, channels, tubes for greenhouses and various profiles.
...more details >>> Extrusion

Recycling is the separation of materials from waste and its reuse. Includes collection, separation, processing and production of new products from used items or materials. It is very important ... more details >>> Recycling

Used machines and tools, for sale:
...more details >>> Used machines

"Mirković PLAST"

Tel.: 022 315 137
Fax: 022 311 209


Serbia, 22300 Stara Pazova, Šturova 17

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Neofyton ltd is the general agent of the worlds largest manufacturers of machines and accessories for the plastics industry.

We are a dynamic company oriented towards innovation and delivery of the best solution to customers. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of plastic injection system design, the companys goal is to deliver the highest standard of service at all times - the highest quality equipment and service, from a single source.

The potential of our success is based on representing world leaders in the plastics and rubber processing industry - Engel, Piovan, Eurochiller, Wintec, MB Conveyors and Tria on the European market (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro) and in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon).

By designing, implementing, monitoring, automating and maintaining more than 1000 plastic injection molding machines, Neofyton is positioned at the very top of the sellers of state-of-the-art plastic injection molding machines. Our professional and trained team from all organizational structures of the company, justifies the acquired trust of clients and gives them additional security in doing business with Neofyton.



Neofyton operates according to ISO 9001:2015 standards with a constant striving for further improvement of business, as well as of the service we provide to our customers. The company has proven its success by constantly investing in the development of services and providing a complete system of solutions for your business - training, education, design services, consulting services, servicing, importation and delivery of equipment. We direct our expertise towards the constant aspiration to create a precise and unique turnkey solution for each customer.

Integration of systems from "smart" machines, services to "smart" factories and modern production to the highest standards of quality, productivity.

Always close to the customers
In order to bring our service even closer and respond to the requests of our customers as quickly as possible, our service teams are deployed in several locations: Novi Sad, Zagreb, Skopje, Lagos.

A satisfied customer is our biggest advantage
The philosophy of our business is based on providing top services to our clients, delivering not only machines and equipment, but a complete system of solutions and thus build a partnership with the customers. As a result, Neofyton invests in connecting its customers, cooperating with foreign partners, and often assists customers in signing new business contracts.

Our companys future development strategy is aimed at meeting the requirements:

DEDICATED TO CLIENTS - The company Neofyton is partnering with its customers, taking into account their best interests. PROFESSIONAL - We strive to provide the best service to our customers and exceed their expectations. ETHICAL - We approach every job responsibly. LOYAL - First of all to our customers, creating a solution for each of their requests. TEAM PLAYERS - Neofyton is run by a team of top professionals who focus their expertise on providing the best service. INNOVATORS - Following the demands of the market, Neofyton strives to always be the first to offer new technological solutions. We represent leading companies in the field of plastic and rubber processing. DIFFERENT - Always ahead of the competition, known for providing complete know-how, turnkey solutions. LEADERS - Neofyton strives to be the best in the service it provides. We are constantly expanding our product offer, always offering new solutions.

ENGEL - The ideal machine concept for all applications: it is convincing thanks to its experience and expertise as a global market leader in plastic processing machines, with its proven and innovative plastic injection molding machines with a closing force of 280 kN up to 55,000 kN, hydraulic, fully electrified, horizontal and vertical solutions.

PIOVAN - is a world leader in the development and production of auxiliary systems for automation of storage, transport and processing of polymers, plastics and food, providing engineering solutions and services. From outdoor silos to centralized feeding systems: they design and produce integrated and flexible solutions for all types of plastics.

WINTEC - plastic injection machines. WINTEC is 100% owned by the Austrian company ENGEL.

EUROCHILLER - Eurochiller, a manufacturer of industrial refrigeration systems, stands out from its competitors in terms of the constant development of "green" technologies and the development of chillers with high energy efficiency. In its offer, Eurochiller especially singles out chillers with adiabatic cooling, which, in addition to great savings in energy consumption, also enable great process stability, as well as maximum product quality.

TRIA - The Italian company TRIA in its offer includes mills for grinding plastics for various purposes - foils, large plastic parts, plate elements, monofilaments; mills for grinding blown plastic, injection molding, thermoforming and extruded plastics.

MB CONVEYORS - They offer close-fitting solutions, machinery and systems for every application and need in the field of industrial handling: MB Transporters.

Address: Novi Sad, Partizanska 27b
Tel: 021/452-642
Fax: 021/4723248

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Kneza Milosa 101
Vrnjačka Banja, 36210
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