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Construction joinery fittings for facade windows

We are the only and the first distributors of the German company SIEGENIA-AUBI.
In our offer you can find:
- commodity table hinges
- Facade joinery fittings goods
- Wood and aluminum constructions
- Handles and defenders
- Hinges for entrance doors
- Built-in locks
- Hinges for windows
- Various machines

BEXON - under, foreign and interior window boards, UV stable, in various sizes

CORK - directly from Portugal

Cork floor tiles, which are used in various ways, and they are available in a lot of decoration:
- layered with natural wood
- corks surfaced with more colors
- wall coverings
- rolls
- acoustic corks
- manufacturing corks

For heat insulation:
on ground floor, on straight roofs, for sandwich walls, for insulation, for sound and cold storage insulation on internal and external walls.

Anti-vibration cork

REOKORR - manufacturing floors from work wax, polyester-based

FLEXO MATIC - elastic sheets

THORTEX - materials for protection


MEDITHERM - heating and cooling system for walls

  • Distribution of wall-heating and wall-refrigeration systems.
  • Cork-wall and floor envelopes, sealers. Brackets for carpenter goods.
  • Protector and renewal materials for all surfaces.

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architecture metal housing
arranging of interior
automatic door
building carpenter
carpenter irons
chains for slide door 
children playground
children's playgrounds equipment
construction carpentry
corner irons
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The company, Grolit-Rad, was established in April 1990, the founder and owner is Radojko Stanojevic.

Our company is doing all kind of construction works, but at the last six years the program puts emphasis on the gas stations.

We have our own machinery and accessories.

List of machinery:

* Dumper truck "MERCEDES ACTROS" (22t)
* Dumper truck "MAN" (22t)
* Tracked "LIEBHERR" 912, 23t (1,5 m³ bucket)
* Combines machine "JCB" 4
* Tandem trailer, "Schmitz"
* Self-propelled concrete mixer "DUMEC"
* Roller 10.5 "DINAPAK"
* Bulldozer, TG 100
* IVECO Daily 65c15d
* MAN - delivery vehicle
* TAM - delivery vehicle
* BOBCAT - mini combined machine

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adaptation of buildings and dwellings
architectural projects
architecture and design
building Industry services
building materials
building operations
building trade ending works
building trade machines
building trade tillage
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Commercial enterprise "Tehnoprom-Gramat" deals with the supply and distribution of construction materials, electric equipment and white wares. We offer a wide range of products and favorable prices. Come and see the quality of our offer.
"Tehnoprom Gramatin" in gas station supplies customers with euro gas and equipment for gas installations. We offer:
- Filling and distribution of gas cylinders
- Auto gas installation with vacuum system or electronic fuel injection system
- Tested tank reservoirs of the first class produced in accordance with UN ECE 67R-01 and ISO 9001, with guarantee of 10 years
- Complete set of equipment for the construction of car gas pumps

* Materials that are the best solution for hydro, thermal, sound and vibro-isolation.
* Styrofoam blocks
* Vapour passing roof foils
* Blocks from PE foam
* Dilatation tapes
* HDPE surface drainage
* Taped isolation
* Isolation elements of fiber which are neutral to all types of pipes
* Yellow thermal isolation of extruded polystyrene
* Glass Wool

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 white ware
building trade material stocks
construction materials
decorative lamp
delivery of household gas
external and internal lighting
galvanized tin
granite ceramics
heat insulation
home lighting
insulation (voice water heat)
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Sika is Swiss company, founded in Zurich 1910. Permanent development made Sika leading global company in the field of production and application of specialty materials for construction and industry. Global presence as a strategic factor of success contributed to the fact that Sika at present day has more than 80 subsidiaries in more than 60 countries worldwide with approximately 10 000 employees.

At the middle of 2002, for the needs of Serbia and Montenegro territory Sika company founded Sika d.o.o. with head office in Belgrade, which enables direct and immediate communication between Sika company and all of interested parties from the field of construction and industry, who are willing to cooperate with the best.

Presence in all stages of project realization (defining investor requirements, planning, engineering, building, exploitation and maintenance of structures), differs Sika from the others global suppliers. We want to transfer our experience from decades of work on large building plans and construction sites to top contractors who are supplied through distribution channel.

Employees in company Sika d.o.o. will help you to apply together the best system solutions with the high-quality materials.

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 063 104 70 72, 
  • Tel.: 063 104 70 71, 
  • Tel.: 063 104 70 73, 

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cancel the moisture of capillary 
concrete additives
industrial floor
industrial flooring coatings
industrial floors plastificators
special construction materials
special membrane for waterproofing
water insulation
water insulation of roofs
water-proof material
cancel the moisture of capillary 
concrete additives
industrial floor
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building tinker
building trade ending works
civil engineering
decorators frontage works
ending works of the building industry
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Perlite is generic name for aluminosilicate material of volcanic origin. Raw perlite in nature is found in rock shape. Depending on deposit perlite chemical composition varies.
Chemical composition of Perlite :

(SiO2) 72 - 78%
(Al2O3) 12 - 14%
(Na2O) 1 - 3%
(K2O) 1 – 3%
(Fe2O3) 0.5 - 2%
(CaO) 1 - 3%
(MgO) 1 - 3%

Raw perlite contains 2 - 5% crystal water. After grinding of ore perlite is exposed to temperatures around 1000 ° C. On this temperature process of expanding occurs and perlite increases volume 20-40 times. Bounded water evaporates and creates numerous bobbles inside they ensure its extraordinary characteristics, porous structure, low weight and wight color. Thus characteristics separate perlite from other volcanic rocks and make perlite irreplaceable in applications :
ecologically clean ;
microbiologically sterile ;
chemically inactive
pH neutral.
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3D wall coverings
building materials
carpentry by measure
ceiling heat insulation
coating ot the outdoor wall 
construction joinery
decorative wall coat
dried wood material
external carpentry
facade thermal insulation system
floor coat Serbia
garret windows
heat insulation
house heat insulation
hydro and thermal insulation
hydro isolation materials
importing all kind of floor coverings
installation of furniture
insulation material
insulation materials
izolacionie foil
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