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Company "Stobex" doo Loznica was established in 26th September, 1990.
The founder and the owner of the company is Stojinic Dobrivoje from Loznica.

At the end the company was dealing with:
-transport service, so it can leater expand its activities to
-area of production separated grit and crushed aggregates, for which we have our complete plants
-construction mehanization works
-automated production of asphalt, raw concrete, concrete pipes and curbs in its own plants.

Facilities are in "Lipnicki Sor" on an area of approximately 15 hectares, which is a complete process from production to finishing works in construction.

The company has all necessary construction machineries / rollers, excavators, loaders, graders, pavers...), and a large fleet of transport vehicles including mixers for transportation of raw concrete, etc.

All these products and transport capacity guarantees timely production, delivery and installation of elements with respect to the agreed deadlines.

More contacts:

  • Tehnička služba
    E-mail: 015/879-413,  Fax: 015/879-416
  • Računovodstvo
    E-mail: 015/879-407 ,  Fax: 015/879-412
  • Stovarište
    Tel.: 015/878-090,  Fax: 015/878-091
  • Komercijala
    E-mail: 015/ 879-409 ,  Fax: 015/879-413
  • Baza
    Tel.: 015/811-716, 
  • Direkcija
    Tel.: 015/879-400,  Fax: 015/879-401

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Savic doo was established in 08.10.1990. Since then it is a constant and growing business thanks primarily to the quality of their products and services, and then gaining the trust of satisfied customers and business partners.

Whether you plan to build a new home or just decorating your existing home, in our company you can find everything what you need for arrangement of interior, exterior, bathroom, joinery by world standards, insulation for your home, covering with the latest roof covers, and all accompanying materials, cement and specialty adhesives.

The needs and the wishes of the customer are always on the first place in company Savic. Our company is a unique partner when it comes to building materials, since it offers a wide range of products over 7.000 items that fit perfectly into every aspect of modern interior and exterior environment.

Visit our warehouse, our friendly and trained stuff will help you making the right choice, according to your needs, taste and budget, making your shopping a pleasure.

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Beograd, 11000
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