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The main activity of our company is renting, installation and maintenance of mobile toilets.

Mobile toilets are an ideal solution for construction sites.

Construction companies and investors are obligated to provide toilets to their workers on construction sites. EKO SANITARNI SISTEMI company from Novi Sad offers a solution to this important issue.

Our mobile eco toilets are ideal for construction sites where there is no access to sanitation. They take up little space. An additional advantage is that it can be used at night, because they have a roof that absorbs and emits daylight.

Mobile eco toilets also provide excellent hygienic conditions because they absolutely not leave an unpleasant smell, but emit a pleasant scent of high quality assets for disinfection.

Emptying, cleaning and maintenance of eco toilets are our team`s job.

Tel: 062-180-60-18

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  • Tel.: 062-180-60-18, 

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Milovana Glišića 5
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: +381 63 507 269
Fax: +381 21 500 345
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MobilSistemi Ltd. → MODULAR OBJECTS

Modular construction system, is a specific construction method that is significantly different from standard construction methods. This method of construction is also called "permanent modular construction".
Economical, fast and flexible building systems with attractive designs that fit into local environments. Modular systems provide reliability, speed, and functionality.
The technology of lightweight steel construction offers high strength and efficient solutions that meet the requirements of owners of private homes, commercial properties, investors, builders, public and private institutions.
Steel guarantees reliability and speed. Modular facilities are manufactured and mounted at factory level to ensure the high quality of the finished product and the accurate supply of components.
The choice of the most modern materials, intelligent design and most modern manufacturing techniques in the production hall guarantee exceptional energy efficiency, quality with reduced manufacturing costs.

The company MobilSistemi is located in Novi Sad:
Offices: Milovana Glišića no 5, Novi Sad
Production: Rade Končara no 1, within the factory "Pobeda", Petrovaradin


☼ Center +381 21 500 345

☼ Containers +381 60 500 34 76

☼ Mobile toilettes +381 60 500 34 61

☼ Residential units +381 60 500 34 76

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MobilSistemi has four Modular House series in its product range: MICRO, TINY, CLASSICAL AND FAMILY

Residential modular buildings >>>

Modular Business Objects designed and manufactured by MobilSistemi, up to one hundred percent complete, provide...

Business modular facilities >>>

Beach facilities are manufactured exclusively at the request of the investor. Basic modules for small business

Modular beach facilities >>>

Production: Gatekeeper Containers, Sanitary Containers, Office Containers, Construction Containers, Storage Containers, Modular Complexes

Production >>>

Rental: Mobile Fences, Mobile Toilets, Containers, Showers and Faucets

Rental >>>

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