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The company "Terming doo" from Kula was established in 1996, when the use of biomass as an energy source was just an idea of innovative. However our main product from the beginning is a boiler to burn straw and residues of plant origin.

Our boilers can be applied in heating of:
  • individual houses
  • workshops, halls, warehouses
  • pig farms
  • dryers for grains, fruits, vegetables
  • greenhouses

    We can also offer equipment with our technological solutions in each of these areas:
  • equipment for pig farms
  • construction of greenhouses, heat installation in greenhouses
  • driers for cereals
  • heat accumulators, tanks
  • solar panels, boilers, tanks
  • stainless steel and steel chimneys

    We are trying to help you to make winter cheaper and your heating more reliable.

    Kucurski put bb

    tel./faks +381/25-722-866
    tel. +381/25-726-870
    tel. +381/25-722-233
    mob. +381/63/833-09-84
    mob. +381/63/119-50-91

    Partner for the territory of the Republic of Croatia:
    Kralja Petra Svačića 21
    Beli Manastir
    Telefon: +385/31 70 34 57

    More contacts:

    • KONTAKT :
      Tel.: 063-833-09-84, 
      Tel.: 063-119-50-91, 

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    biomass boilers
biomass heating techniques
boilers for central heating
box for farrowing sows
corn drying
equipment for animal breeding
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equipment for pig
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household heating
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    Paje Markovića Adamova 9
    Novi Sad, 21000
    Tel.: + 381 62 760 339
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    • PetroSOLAR

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    ☼ PetroSOLAR ☼ Smart Urban Solar Energy Furniture
    We are available for all details and commercial arrangements

    Petro SOLAR

    ¤ An intelligent solar powered mobiliar
    ¤ Smart solar benches
    ¤ Smart advertising totems
    ¤ Smart Bus Stops

    We are presenting to you Petro SOLAR a line of Intelligent and Energy Independent products powered solely by SOLAR ENERGY, making them an ideal solution for setting up at a number of touristic and business locations such as: cities, national parks, corridors, excursion sites, squares, promenades...

    ☼ AUREA 2017 Award for the Investment of the Year ☼

    All☼ PetroSOLAR ☼ products in the basic version possess:
    ¤ Free USB chargers for mobile devices
    ¤ Wi-Fi wireless internet
    ¤ LED Self-Lighting and Advertising Positions
    ¤ for special request the following can be integrated: interactive/touch/ monitors, sensors for air quality, noise level,...

    ☼ Smart Bus Stops ☼

    ☼ Smart Benches ☼

    ☼ Smart Advertising Totems ☼

    ☼ Montenegro Viewpoint Stagvac PetroSOLAR Smart Bench Serbia, bus shelters

    ☼ PetroSOLAR Smart Solar Bench in Abu DHabi UAE Dubai

    Contact: Lazar Jošanov, autor

    mob. tel.: + 381 62 760 339
    e-mail 2:

    ☼More details: Petro SOLAR

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energetically independent
intelligent mobiliar 
smart advertising totems
smart benches
smart bus stops
solar advertising totems
solar benches
solar bus stop
solar cell loader
solar collectors
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solar panels
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    The Viessmann Group of Companies is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems. Founded in 1917, the family company is run by a Managing Board under the chairmanship of Managing Partner Dr. Martin Viessmann. The Group has approximately EUR 1.6 billion in annual sales and maintains a staff of some 8,900 employees.

    Viessmann’s comprehensive product portfolio includes wall mounted boilers from 3.8 to 105 kW, freestanding boilers from 3.8 to 6,600 kW and combined heat and power (CHP) stations for oil and gas, with outputs ranging from 18 to 401 kWel and 36 to 549 kWth.

    Also part of this impressive range are systems for renewables, including solar thermal systems with flat-plate and vacuum tube collectors for domestic hot water generation, central heating backup and building cooling, special boilers and combustion units from 4 to 13,000 kW for wood logs, chips and pellets, heat pumps from 1.5 to 1,500 kW for use with geothermal heat, groundwater or ambient air, and photovoltaic systems. Additionally, Viessmann offers a complete range of products and services related to biogas technology, from project development and engineering to raw materials management and operational oversight.

    The comprehensive Viessmann product range

    Viessmann sets the technological pace for the heating industry. The comprehensive product range from Viessmann offers individual solutions with efficient systems for all applications and all types of fuel. As environmental pioneers, the company has been supplying particularly efficient and clean heating systems for oil and gas, as well as solar thermal systems and heating systems for sustainable fuels and heat pumps, for decades.

    Viessmann’s present in Serbian for 1971 and branch for Serbian , Bi H, Macedonian and Montenegro have opened since 2001.

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central heating
central heating instaling
circulation pump
component for central heating
equipment for central heating
floor heating
gas and heating gear
gas furnace
gas heating
heating equipment
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    Vaillant GmbH - a synonim for heating from 1874.

    Vaillant makes devices by the most perfect technological solutions and guaranteed top quality of products using the highest standards in production development.

    All the gas wall boilers are made in Germany by the strictest quality regulations.

    There is a wide network of partners: authorized servicers, installers, planners and distributers which are always available to users.

    These fuels are used in the production program:

    gas - which covers all the needs of heating and sanitary water,

    current - a wide range of electrical devices for heating, air conditioning and for preparation of hot sanitary water,

    oil - boilers with or without burners in combination with reservoirs of hot water,

    solar energy - solar systems for consumable hot water and a supply for heating system,

    in future hydrogen/device on fuel cells and zeolite/zeolite thermal pump.

    With its contemporary design, it is up to date with the latest top technological achievement.

    You chose safety and insouciance because you made up your mind for a renowned producer whose guiding idea is: "Our care of our customer do not end with selling of devices, she just starts then!"

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    aerator system
air conditioner
air conditioning equipment
central heating
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    Subotica , 24000
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