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The company, "Proleter", was established in 1946. After a series of transformations in the 70s of the last century, it became a member of Zastava and started to work for the foreign partner IVECO.

The main occupation of HK Proleter Ltd. is production and service of special hydraulic structures and equipment, internal and external trade and representation.

The production program is:

1. Special hydraulic upgrades
2. Exhaust systems

1. Spotlights of special hydraulic upgrade are:

- tipper upgrades on all types of freight vehicles on hydraulic platforms - telescopic and articulated working heights to 21 m
- pack boxes with aluminum and steel sites of different heights and lengths
Selflifter containers and other utility upgrades with a - crane for collecting recyclable materials
- upgrades for the transport of damaged vehicles (Towing service) with sliding and fixed platforms
- upgrades for the removal of improperly parked vehicles (SPIDER)
- trailers with one or two axles for long charges
- double circuit communal hydraulic for winter utility service, or snow plow plant and spreader

2. HK PROLETER was the largest manufacturer of exhaust systems in the region many years ago. Now, it produces more than 100 models of exhaust systems for vehicles from the program Zastava, Lada, Opel, Volkswagen, Fiat, Skoda, commercial program of Zastava Iveco, and exhaust systems for orders.

New product in the manufacturing program of HK Proleter is press container (which is the latest way of collecting communal waste).

HK Proleter does the service and installation of hydraulic equipment for lifting and carrying loads from its own production program, and also hydraulic equipment from other manufacturers. It has modern equipment for production of hydraulic hoses for all types of hydraulic installations.

More contacts:

  • Komercijalni Direktor
    Tel.: 034/335-907, 
  • Komercijala
    Tel.: 034/332-237, 
  • Tehnički Direktor
    Tel.: 034/336-205, 
  • Mihajlo Protulipac
    Tel.: 062/287-116, 

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community utilities
exhaust pots
exhaust systems
hidraulics platforms
hidraulics telescopic platforms
hidraulics wrist platforms
hydraulic erector
hydraulics pnemeutiqe
load crates
press containers
telescopic container lifts
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Milovana Glišića 5
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: +381 63 507 269
Fax: +381 21 500 345
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  • MobilSistemi

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MobilSistemi Ltd. → MODULAR OBJECTS

Modular construction system, is a specific construction method that is significantly different from standard construction methods. This method of construction is also called "permanent modular construction".
Economical, fast and flexible building systems with attractive designs that fit into local environments. Modular systems provide reliability, speed, and functionality.
The technology of lightweight steel construction offers high strength and efficient solutions that meet the requirements of owners of private homes, commercial properties, investors, builders, public and private institutions.
Steel guarantees reliability and speed. Modular facilities are manufactured and mounted at factory level to ensure the high quality of the finished product and the accurate supply of components.
The choice of the most modern materials, intelligent design and most modern manufacturing techniques in the production hall guarantee exceptional energy efficiency, quality with reduced manufacturing costs.

The company MobilSistemi is located in Novi Sad:
Offices: Milovana Glišića no 5, Novi Sad
Production: Rade Končara no 1, within the factory "Pobeda", Petrovaradin


☼ Center +381 21 500 345

☼ Containers +381 60 500 34 76

☼ Mobile toilettes +381 60 500 34 61

☼ Residential units +381 60 500 34 76

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MobilSistemi has four Modular House series in its product range: MICRO, TINY, CLASSICAL AND FAMILY

Residential modular buildings >>>

Modular Business Objects designed and manufactured by MobilSistemi, up to one hundred percent complete, provide...

Business modular facilities >>>

Beach facilities are manufactured exclusively at the request of the investor. Basic modules for small business

Modular beach facilities >>>

Production: Gatekeeper Containers, Sanitary Containers, Office Containers, Construction Containers, Storage Containers, Modular Complexes

Production >>>

Rental: Mobile Fences, Mobile Toilets, Containers, Showers and Faucets

Rental >>>

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Assembled removable fence
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Negotin, 19300
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Trg Petefi Brigade 3.
Čantavir, 24220
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