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Eurofoam Hungary kft. is specialised is the manufacturing and converting of polyurethane flexible foams.

Foam products are characterized by their open-cell structure and flexibility, or resilience.
Our product range includes numerous foamgrades, with a great series of modified proerties.
The " Eurofoam" name is always related to the excellent quality of our foams,with the relevant wide-range services and professional expertise.

The following eurofoam foam-types exist:
- Eurofoam classic
- Eurofoam comfort
- Eurofoam protect
- Eurofoam viscoline
- Eurofoam audiotec
- Eurofoam composit

The central company site of Eurofoam Hungary Kft. the foaming and the converting plant, can be found at a distance of 15 km from Miskolc, in the outskirts os Sajóbábony.

Other converting plants are located in Székesfehérvár is Hungary, but also in Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Our manufacturing and converting machines and equipments represent the most up-to-date tehnology, which facilitate the converting of the foams according to the customers needs and demands.

Our mission is to supply our Costumers with high quality and purpose-made converted foam-produtcts. Our Company is sensitive to the comfort needs of people:we supply such sorts of products for the converting industries, which- in their material and is their final shape- resve for the confort of those who use them.

The polyurethane foams are produced using the so-called foaming technology,where the raw materials are following:TDI,polyols,catalysts,stabilizers,colorants,etc.
Thes materials are pumped into a mixing head, where they mix upwith each other, and the polyurethane reaction is then started.
This mix from the mixing head is then flowing onto a continuously moving and proceeding conveyor, and there the foaming starts, as a consequence of the chemical reactions:the foam-block-until it reaches the end of the conveyor - will rise up to 1 meter height ( or even beyond) and solidifies.
The procuced foam-blocks have to be cured for period of 24 hours, meanwhile the further (post) rections will take place and the final foams-properties are reached.

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