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Pionirska 35
Inđija, 22320
Tel.: 022/555-373
Fax: 063/541-411
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Školsko dobro 1
Beograd, 11000
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Litopapir AD Cacak is one of the biggest companies in grafic printing, paper processing and publishing industry. Our company is located in Cacak, Republic of Serbia.

Litopapir AD, is producing paper sacks and bags, as well as cardboard packaging, paper gallantery, books, printing and all services relevant to this bussines field.

So we are free to offer our products:

1. natron sack production assortiment:
- open lip sacks
- valve sacks
- special sacks

2. paper processing production assortiment:
- bags with handle
- bags with square bottom
- bags with flat bottom
- bags with polypropylen window
- wraping paper
- paraffined paper

3. round packaging production assortiment:
- cardboard pipes
- cross level bubble

4. printing production assortiment:
- flat print products (labels, books, folders, boxes)
- high print products (notebooks, forms, offical documents, tickets)
- publishing activity produts (books, magazines, newspapers, bilttens, advertising paper products)