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PC RESTORING is an independent workshop which deals with servicing of computer equipment for both firms and civilian people. We also deal with repurchase of defected and outdated computer equipment and components from companies and private individuals.

We do repurchase of entire computer hardware, defected computers, printers, photocopiers, other peripheral computer equipment, cellphones, telephone motherboards, telephone boards of call centers, poker machine boards, washing machine programmers, and other printed boards which contain noble metals.

Besides computer servicing and repurchase of computer hardware we also sell serviced matrix printers Olivetti PR2 I PR2E which are used at service desks of post offices, banks and technical checkups.

To all legal entities PC RESTORING offers FREE registration to business directory Biznisclub on the web address: www.biznisclub.rs

Cara Lazara 17
11130 Kaluđerica
Tel: 064 41 41 500
Fax: 011 411 21 34
E-mail: goran@pcrestoring.rs
Working hours: 9AM-4PM

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| Results:1