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About Us

The company, "Raseltriko", was established in 1969 as an idea of a young ambitious textile designer. He wanted to apply all those things what he have seen and learnt in Germany in company Karl Mayer in our country, in the time when anyone hardly dared to engage in private business.

Despite of the economic situation, Raseltriko managed to last through time and to resist market challenges.

Today the son and the daughter of the founder continue the tradition and good business practice of their father who is retired but he still participates as an ambassador and advisor for all important issues.

The main focus in our work is placed on respecting the agreement and speed of delivery.

With the help of our business partners "Miltex" finishing and knitting "AD Dunav" from Grocka, our lace is high quality.
Our company is our house and our employees are our family!

About lace

Lace is always actual, follows us through the ages, as a reflection of something dreamy and rich and primarily decorative.
Lace is used everywhere where functionality have to be refined with details that complement the aesthetic experience.

We produce synthetic lace "Rasel"

In our offer you can find various dimensions, patterns with wide range of purposes: children clothes (socks, canopy), adult clothes, technical tulle, laundry, scarves for funerary equipment.

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