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  • Overhaul and repair of dryer for drying all types of grains.

  • Delivery and installation of repaired dryers from production group Cer and installation of all other types of manufacturers and facilities.

  • Purchase and transport of old dryers.

  • Repair of dryers: dismantling with installation, complete overhaul and repair of dryer with our equipments and machineries with auto crane capacity 30T - 70T a trial release of dryers in operation.

  • Cleaning combs and blockages, repair and replacement with new comb and all worn segments.

  • Production and installation of new channels of warm and cold air, combustion chamber for cell replacement and repair of existing and all other segments.

  • Repair and service of burners of command cabinets and electric consumers.

  • Setting new line for dryers with oil fuel, repairing the existing ones.

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corn storage
development of hot air channel 
drier assembly
dryer repair
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grain dryer
grain dryers
grain storage
making channels in drying
production of cold air channel
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