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"Arhitekt S" was established in 26.12.1994. Its activity is projecting all kinds of buildings. Since the beginning it is very successful by providing free counseling services, projecting, supervision, obtaining necessary documentations from UTU conditions to building permits and registering property.

In 05.08.2012. it became "Arhitekt S 021 doo" by extending its activities.

The company has won awards in the field of designing in various competitions.
- Second Prize in Sabac for designing residential and commercial buildings of 15,000 square meters.
- They won fourth award for designing from the Society of Architects for the project office building P +3 with 15000 square meters of garage at the Theatre Square in Novi Sad.

We have projected more than 2,500 facilities, mostly family buildings with few floors, less collective facilities, a lot of luxury office buildings such as car saloons, commercial buildings for various purposes as well as luxury villas and weekend cottages.

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  • Tel.: 063/595-837 , 
  • Tel.: 064/2040-927, 
  • Tel.: 021/822-803, 

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SB PROJECT is a project office in Belgrade, Serbia. The company offers to its clients the highest level of planning, engineering and consulting.

With professionalism and respect for legal standards, speed and quality of work, innovation to the most modern architectural expression in the aesthetic and functional terms, all interacting with the desire and needs for clients, we are offering:

- Production of major projects with project installation

(for residential, commercial, industrial and other facilities)

- Project design adaptation, reconstruction and upgrading of facilities

- Development of projects for legalization of buildings constructed without building permits

- Projecting interiors

- Projecting summer gardens

- Projecting lighting advertisements

- Making 3D models and presentations

- Technical control of project documentations

- Performance of architectural control of buildings

- Obtaining approvals, conditions of the approvals of competent services

In addition our office is offering consulting services.

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Miloja Pavlovića 11.
Beograd - Voždovac, 11010
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