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Kuca zavarivanja
is mainly engaged in distribution of welding machines and welding machine parts and supplies. A wide range of products of high quality awaits our potential customers. The most important thing for us is the satisfaction of the customer.

From the very beginning our main occupation has been direct import from European distributors and producers.

We offer the following products:

Welding machines
- MIG-MAG welders
- MMA welders
- TIG welders

Poly-cables for MIG-MAG and TIG welders
- Poly-cables for MIG-MAG
- Poly-cables for TIG-AWI
- Mass cables

Spare parts
Central (EURO) connectors, roller holders, diode bridge, dinse connectors, wire feeders, solenoid valves, ridged switches for MIG-MAG welders, capacitor blocks for MIG MAG welders, contactors, spare parts for MIG-MAG pistols, spare parts for TIG pistols, wheels for wire feeders, auxiliary transformers, control units for MIG MAG welders, wire guides (bowdens), fans, pliers for mass cables...

Manometers are instruments for determined purposes, which difference is specified between atmospheric pressure and the measurable pressure. They are extremely important for constant monitoring and, depending on the measuring system and the version, we can offer You various manometers. In our wide range of products only the best materials, spare parts and supplies are available to you. We would like to point out manometers for acetylene, nitrogen, CO2 and Ar, propane butane and oxygen.

- Electrodes for MIG-MAG welding
- Electrodes for arc welding
- Electrodes for TIG welding
- Wolfram electrodes
- Accessories for MIG MAG welding
- Accessories for TIG welding
- Nozzles
- CUZR nozzles
- Nozzles for aluminum wire

Additional welding equipment
Accessories for welding must also be of good quality, because they are used together with other parts and welding machines. We offer a large selection of quality equipment and spare parts for machines at affordable prices. Heaters for manometers, welding paste and spray for welding... On our website You can look at the wide range of welding products and select the item that suits you best. Feel free to call us and our experts will help you out for each question.

Hand Tools
We offer You hand tools for hobby masters by the cheapest prices on the market. Hand tools are all those tools that people use when working and processing materials. Our PROXXON tools are reliable, high quality and have a functional design. Thanks to its traditional quality, the brand is popular among both professional and amateur masters.

Plasma program
Our plasma program contains those components that are the most important in the process of cutting. We offer you the best products that are made from the highest quality materials. These include mainly "trafimets" of various sizes and shapes.

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Vojvođanskih brigada 56 Batajnica
Beograd, 11000
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Arandjelovac, 34300
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