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Jugoslovenska 18
Kragujevac , 34000
Tel.: 034/385-385
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Production of children`s clothes.


The kid`s fashion company "KOLIBRI" was established in 1985. From the beginning it has been dealing with production of children`s clothes, from 1 to 14 years of age.

Taking care about children`s health and comfort we only use materials as cotton for production, and the basic material and fashion line by which "KOLIBRI" has become known is JEANS.

"KOLIBRI" started its production in 1985 for the needs of its retail store in Kragujevac. As the business grew the production of several workers has grown into a modern production with over 30 employees in a modern equipped plant at 580 m2.

Annual production capacity is over 35 000 items with a tendency of continuous growth, primarily due to the high demand of the market. Our collection is made by a well-known fashion designer and during a year period of time we produce over 100 new models in several designs.

In our offer you can find a full program of children`s jeans pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, shorts, etc.

From recently we also offer cotton collections, products like sweatshirts, tunics, shorts, shirts.

With its quality, orginal creations and carefully selected imported materials KOLIBRI has strengthened its position in the highly demanding market of children`s clothes, and it has successfully operated for 29 years in the territory of Serbia and in neighboring countries.

Other information:

Production and wholesale Kragujevac

Jugoslovenska 18
Tel.: 034/385-385

Retail sale Kragujevac
Kralja Aleksandra I Karađorđevića 15
Tel.: 034/330-195

Retail sale Gornji Milanovac
Vojvode Milana 6
Tel.: 069/385-38-60

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The company was found in the end of 2000year. We still deal with importing and selling Italian piece goods.
Our products provides the textile industries, but the commerces too.

We have more retail objects in Beograd and in Kraguljevac, but we have wholesale warehouses too.
Our company is working with the lot of retailers through the territory of Serbia, like NoviSad, Subotica, Pozarevac, Valjevo, Pozeg, Priboj, Nis, Jagodina, etc.

This time we notify our existing and future customers to visit us in our small objects and warehouses to see the quality and the price of our products.

Our interest and our desire is to work with more trades together, because in our wholesale you can find all of the products and materials what can be necessary in shops. If we dont have the ordered piece good, we can get it.

Veleprodaja Beograd

Auto Komanda ul. Tabanovačka 5
Tel.: 011/397-47-54 Fax: 060/332-26-04

Maloprodaja Beograd

* Bul. Kralja Aleksandra 156
Tel.: 011/245-61-21 Mob.: 060/332-26-08

* Vidikovac, ul. Vidikovački Venac 80 v
Tel.: 011/234-21-02 Mob.: 060/332-26-01

* Žarkovo, ul. Trgovačka 30b
Tel.: 011/239-35-53 Mob.: 060/332-26-02

* Prizrenska 4
Tel.: 011/26-86-849 Mob.: 060/332-26-03

Veleprodaja Kragujevac

* ul. Braće Marić br. 1 (Avalska br. 88)
Tel.: 034/325-800 Mob.: 060/332-27-04

Maloprodaja Kragujevac

* Bul. Kraljice Marije br. 1
Tel.: 034/361-595 Mob.: 060/332-27-01

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Novi Pazar, 36319
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Novi Pazar, 36319
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