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Our company "Tortelli" has a long history. From a small shoes shop, founded in 1950, it has grown into a leather goods manufacturing company. One machine for sewing, many hand tools, a lot of work and a huge ambition were the foundation of the future for this beautiful profession.

In 1966, the company modernized itself, introducing new technology. On new sewing machines, 10-12 workers produce a series of fashion items, womens and mens bags, belts, wallets.

During all these years, we are trying to adapt to changing market demands. By introducing modern technologies and quality raw materials, we are maximally trying to make the quality and design of our products a first class.

Today, the company faces another great challenge. We signed a contract with an internationally recognized company, and for several years we have been doing service work for them. Therefore, even todays difficult economic situation can not discourage our company. The power gives us the knowledge that the next generation will also work to preserve and increase the reputation of Our company and accept the growing and greater challenges!

Please contact us with confidence, we will strive to be with you!

"Torteli" has successfully cooperated with "Stardast" Ltd. for several years, which is specialized in the sale of optical equipment such as telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, optical sights, rifle sights, and night vision equipment. Over the years, Stardast has faced problems with transporting equipment to its point of use. Therefore, the production of telescopic carrying bags began, under the brand name "Oklop". You can look at the assortment at

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