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Plastic recycling
Raw materials
Plastic packaging
Sheet, pipe, profiles, plates...

Production and processing of waste plastic packaging
Production of plastic granules


Recycling is the process of extracting materials from the waste and its reuse in the same or similar purposes.
The process involves the collection, separation, processing and manufacture of new products from the used items and materials. It is important to separate waste by as many waste materials can be reused if they are collected separately. All that can be re-used rather than thrown recycling.

    Recycling to achieve the following objectives:

  • Saving raw resources (all materials are of natural origin and has them in nature in limited quantities)

  • saving energy (no energy loss in the primary processes, as well as in transport and processes which follow, and additional energy is obtained by burning materials that are not recycled)

  • environmental protection (waste materials degrade living environment, recycling and protecting the environment)

  • new jobs (processes in the recycling of materials and work requiring knowledge which creates the need for jobs).

    In terms of re-use materials may be:

  • recyclable - can be used to recapture the production process

  • not recyclable - can not get back into the production process and are used for energy-burning or in an environmentally safe manner warehouse.

Almost everything can be recycled: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, copper, iron, ceramics, electronic and electrical waste...

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