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Laze Lazarevića 12
Novi Sad, 21000
Tel.: 021/646-72-90
Fax: 021/646-72-99
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Petro-Mont is a private family business, established in 05.05.1989. as a craft shop.

Further development of the team "PETRO-MONT" has completed recruitment of a number of licensed engineers responsible contractors and responsible designers, from the field of engineering, construction and architecture.
We are constantly monitoring the latest trends and developments of new systems in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning and renewable energy.

Petro-Mont has over 25 years of experience in the performance of mechanical and construction work on the construction of gas pipelines, water and waste water, heating and hot water connections and construction of substations for district heating.

The part that with Petro-Mont stands out is training of young staff in the field of construction work, as confirmed by many years of practice in our students who attend Central Mechanical School in Novi Sad.

Decades of experience, professionally trained staff constantly monitoring trends and developments in technology, technical equipment are the guarantee for the efficiency and quality of our work.



Tel.: 021/646-72-90
Tel.: 021/636-90-77
Tel.: 021/636-94-39
Fax: 021/646-72-99

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air conditioner
breaking piping
building Industry services
building objects
building operations
building trade ending works
building trade machine work
building trade tillage preparation
civil engineering
civil engineering
conduit and sewerage
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Beniš Alexander entrepreneur from Subotica, for more than 11 years, offers:

- Vehicles transport from abroad
- Goods transportation to 7.5 tons in the country and abroad
- Customs service

- Construction works with a construction
- Land Works
- Demolition of buildings, debris remove
- Working with construction machinery, such as
cranes, several types of excavator (excavator for stone digging, excavators for channel digging, etc.)

We have no region limit!


Our company imports and sales agricultural machines, such as: tractors, harvesters, equipments, etc. from famous manufacturers:


Services with all kinds of construction machinery
Sand and gravel are available at low prices with transport
Forklift services with a capacity from 2T-16T
Telehender services - 4T capacity at a height of 9m
Crane services of 30T, 40T and 60T
Arrangement of parking space
Stone crusher (service and sales of stone from stock)

Contact: Tel. 065/258-02-58 and 065/520-06-11
E-mail address: benisa@ymail.com

More contacts:

  • Tel.: 065/258-02-58, 
  • Tel.: 065/520-06-11, 

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building Industry services
building operations
building trade machine work
building trade machine tool equipment
building trade machines
building trade tillage preparation
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Bulevar Milutina Milankovića bb
Zrenjanin, 23100
Tel.: 023/511-546
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Pan bookkeeping is a limited company, it was established in 1998, with main activity of accounting, bookkeeping and tax advice. The company does bookkeeping for companies, entrepreneurs, associations, sports associations under the applicable legislation in Republic of Serbia.

    Our services:

  • making documents for company registration in tax

  • administration before commencement of activity

  • registration of entrepreneur

  • giving information to our clients about actual changes in legislation

  • control before posting accounting documents

  • general ledger in accordance with applicable regulations in Republic of Serbia

  • preparation of accounting statements

  • keeping incoming and outgoing invoices books

  • calculation of tax

  • calculations for wholesale, retail, import, export

  • keeping books and records of traffic services

  • material bookkeeping

  • bookkeeping of goods

  • calculating production

  • calculation of interest

  • management of fixed assets and amortization

  • keeping dinar and foreign currency cash

  • calculation of business trips at home and abroad

  • producing financial reports and documents required for loans

  • payroll with corresponding tax returns and bank transfer

  • making M-4 form

  • calculation of service contracts, royalties agreements, leases, etc.

  • making forms of acceptance and termination of employees

  • making final accounts (balance sheet) if needed than in English

  • organization of keeping business records and accounting documents

  • advice in all areas of finance especially in the conduct of financial policies

  • tax consultant

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Accounting Bureau Zrenjanin
Accounting Office Zrenjanin
balance sheet
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Mehovine bb
Vladimirci, 15225
Tel.: 015-7518-532
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SZTR "Medena" with experience of two decades, is privately owned by the Đurić family in Mehovine near Šabac (60km from Belgrade). Founder Zoran Đurić, after graduating from the Agricultural University in Belgrade, chose to be a beekeeper and to deal with the production and distribution of beekeeping equipment.

SZTR "Medena" has a production line for all types of frames, a capacity of two thousand frames per day, an experience of many millions of frames so far produced. Modern beekeeping solutions, dry material, precise workmanship, exceptional quality, respecting your deadlines and delivery to your home address, paying to the courier or by appointment, is a constant recommendation. Favorable prices and special deals for companies and stores. With our frames the beekeepers are comfortable and successful.

In addition to frames and hives in the offer, there is other equipment which beekeepers need. An apiary with about 200 LR hives enables the supply of quality queen bees, swarms and honey.

Come, we will do everything for you to be successful!

SZTR "Medena",Serbia,
15225 Mehovine-Vladimirci,
tel. 015/518-532,
fax. 015/518-208,
mob. 063/89-50-610
e-mail: medena.sztr@gmail.com

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bee products
beekeeping equipment
beekeeping equipments
bee products
beekeeping equipment
beekeeping equipments
bee products
beekeeping equipment
beekeeping equipments
bee products

service description:


Translation types

- Translation with verification - it means that translations have legal validity, identical to the original, which guarantees certification from a certified court interpreter for a particular language.
- Translation without verification - translation of materials and documentations that do not require a guarantee of legal validity and certification of court interpreters, such as: prospects, brochures, users manual, catalogs, various texts.


Personal documents
- birth certificate
- marriage certificate
- proof of residence
- certificate of good conduct
- certificate of income
- diplomas
- transcript and curriculum subjects
- statements
- authorization
- certificate of balance in the bank
- all other personal documents

Legal documents
- various official confirmations
- contracts
- lawsuits
- decree
- records
- regulations
- other documentations

Documents of companies
- extract from company register
- financial reports
- balance
- audit reports
- purchase contracts
- tenders
- written declarations
- invoices
- certificates
- statutes
- display products

Translation areas:
- Medicine
- Law
- Economics
- Technics
- Art
- Social science
- Banking and Finance
- Marketing
- Translation of technical documentations
- Translation of catalogs, users manual
- Translation of websites
- Translation of tourist materials

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High school from Novi Sad was established in Oktober 1982.

It offers educational profiles in areas: economy, law and administration, trade, catering and tourism.

The school educates students in two areas of work:


In the areas of economics, law and administration are the following educational profiles of the fourth level of education:

* economic technician
* bureau technician
* financial technician
* security Officer

In the areas of trade, catering and tourism are the following educational profiles of the fourth level of education:

* trade Technician
* tatering technician
* culinary technician
* tourist technician

and the third level of education:

* merchant
* waiter
* cook
* confectioner

Restaurant Staro Zdanje with two halls and a gallery, specialties, a wide selection of drinks, family dinners, celebrations...

More contacts:

  • Restoran Staro Zdanje
    Novi Sad Trg Marije Trandasil 1
    E-mail: starozdanje@mts.rsTel.: 021/527-040, 

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birthday celebrations
business dinner organization
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Cvijićeva 84
Beograd - Palilula, 11101
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Translating agency is a specialized agency for translating professional texts in the field of medicine, pharmacology and medical industry. It was established spontaneous a few years ago gathering of medical interpreters around a common idea development of translation services and improving collaboration with customers and other translation agencies.
Clinical examinations or studies are necessary to develop new medicines and approval of their use by the competent controlling bodies.
The challenges for translators and translation agencies lies in the fact that a large number of multicenter trials conducted at international level, which requires translation of large amounts of sensitive materials in several languages​​, often on short notice.
In addition to translation of clinical materials, we offer translation services to pharmaceutical industries too. This includes product characteristic summaries, test reports, manuals, promotional materials and more.
Medical documentations are one of the most specific materials for translating. A lot of technical terminologies, acronyms and jargons is often insurmountable barrier to translators. Only a very narrow specialized translators with a lot of experience can successfully complete these projects.
Our team consists medical interpreters, doctors by profession, who have been through training and work experience gained extensive experience with medical terminology and specifics of writing and understanding medical documentations. This guarantees correct and consistent interpretation of medical language.
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D.R.Gilbert Center is a consulting house which was established in order to effectively make a blend of theory and practice. Our primary idea is that through the various thematic lectures, courses, seminars and simulations of specific business situations, to perform additional education and training of staff of certain companies and individuals themselves.

Companies have opportunity to its theoretically well-shod staff gain additional knowledge from practice, and in that way they can save money and time, what is necessary to achieve full business productivity for new employees. We also make education and motivation of employees who have been working long time for a company, and who has still not found the right way to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as maximum utilization of their potential.

Education in D.R. Gilbert Center is based on the following principles:

- Principles of motivation
- Principles of success
- Principles of sale

By bringing together these three principles leads to the right formula for increased productivity of employees.
We process contemporary business topics such as: sales techniques, communication skills, leadership, team work, leadership skills, public appearance, project management, managing stress and time, communication via phone, marketing in practice..

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busines coaches
Business Communication
Business Education
business seminars 
business situation
communication skills 
consultation house
contemporary business issues
D.R.Gilbert Center 
Dragisa Ristovski 
educational seminars
Human Resource Management
IN HOUSE trainings
in-house seminars 
knowledge from practice
leadership skills
Leadership skills
Management of Human Resources
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Milinković Company d.o.o. is company for designing, engineering, construction and manufacturing.

Activities of the company Milinkovic are:

- Construction, installation and maintenance of telecommunications facilities, networks and systems
- Construction, installation and maintenance of gas distribution networks
- Construction, installation and maintenance of water supply and sewerage networks
- Design and construction of prefabricated ferrocement elements
- Design and construction of buildings such as:
manufacturing plants
residential buildings
sports halls
silos, etc.

Strategic orientation of companies that employ their own resources and its business partners provide a complete and quality service on a "from concept to implementation objects".

11070 Novi Beograd
Bežanijska Kosa ul. Živojina Lukića Vajera 58 e
E-mail: milinkovicco@gmail.com
Tel.: 011/318-07-00

Proizvodnja i sedište:
11275 Boljevci
ul. Braće Gavrajić 79

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MC Sistem

assembly halls and warehouses
building Industry services
building operations
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service description:

Our professionalism, works for your success!

Relying on our expertise and wide experience in the field, we provide the following services:


  • Audit of Financial Statements

  • Business Audit

  • Credit Worthiness Audit

  • Solvency Audit

  • Audit of Special Balances


  • Financial Position Appraisail

  • Consultancy in Special Balances

  • Consultancy in the field referring to National and International Standars of Financial Reporting


  • Capital Assessment

  • Assets Assessment

  • Business Plan

  • Tax Advisory

  • Services related to the Implementation of Regualtions referring to Calculation

  • Privatization Program

  • Due diligence

  • Consulting Management

    For the firm Stanišić audit LTD works team of experts that provides the high-quality services:

Company Info ::::.

Užice , 31000
Tel.: (031) 510-040
Fax: (031) 510-543
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Braće Mrnjavčević 29
Beograd, 11000
Tel.: 011/332-0999
Fax: 011/332-93333
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E-mail: ankami@mts.rs

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Beograd, 11000
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Acacia honey

service description:

More contacts:

  • Tel.: +381 65 21 865 82, 
  • Tel.: +381 69 11 865 82, 

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fast transport
international transport
international transport of passengers
minibus transportation
passenger transport abroad
passenger transportation in the country
prevoz za Nemačku
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Subotica , 24000
Tel.: 024/541-875
Fax: 064/1462 791
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service description:

More contacts:

  • gdja.Gordana Ivanović
    Tel.: 064/1373-062, 

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ashlar granite marble
decorative rock
Company Info ::::.
Cara Dušana 34
Zemun, 11080
Tel.: 011/7856 110
Fax: 011/ 7856 140
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