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The company Medilink Novi deals with the representation and promotion of cosmetic brands in Serbia.

In 2008 it became the distributor of prestigious Spanish cosmetics company Skeyndor which is one of the most innovative company in the field of professional cosmetics.

The presence of the promotion of their products all over the world, that in our country, is reserved for clients who are professionals in the service of beauty the concept of quality and the introduction of new highly efficient products and treatments. How science is always moving forward, our goal is to follow world trends and offer innovative and effective products for which we can guarantee quality.

SKEYNDOR is a prestigious Spanish company with a tradition of over 50 years, specialized for production of highly selective professional cosmetics.

Skeyndor Professional Cosmetics
Mesotherapy - mesotherapy machines and coctail fillers.

Ultrasonic sticks
Essential line
Corrective line
Natural Difence
Oxygen line
Body Slindy line
Algy masks
Aquatherm line
Urban White Line
Vitamin C
Royal Jelly Line
Radiance program
Derma peel
Eternal line
Spa line

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anti cellulite
anti cellulite creme
anti cellulite programme
apparatus for the electro stimulation of body and 
beauty-shop and equipment
body and face care
cellulite remove
cosmetic devices
cosmetic products
cosmetics for face and body care
distribution for cosmetics goods
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