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FILA PRINT is an agency from Šabac which` main occupation is solvent print services. It has the capacity to provide a full range of services, starting from design and prepress, through printing and the installation, to the delivery of the finished product.

Thanks to our fair business, for a short time we gained a great number of well known clients and had many successful business realizations of different characters.

Our basic activities are car branding (car graphics), shop- and business premise branding, printing billboards and mega-boards on paper, plastic foil and tarpaulin canvas. We also print smaller formats on high quality poster paper or canvas. Labels can be printed in various sizes and shapes with a cutting machine according to your requirements. If necessary, they can be covered with polyurethane resin.

When digital printing is not the best solution for you, or if you need a large amount, we do offset printing (for fliers, catalogs), screen printing or tampon printing (for pens, lighters, planners...) and laser etching.

If your needs require, through cooperation with our team of designers, you can make projects which are completely adjusted with the visual identity of your company or product.

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advertising and business materials printing
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car branding
car graphics
graphic preparation and design
graphic service printing
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lightening advertisements 
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marketing service
nyomtatás járműkön
showcase branding
vehicle advertisement
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PC RESTORING is an independent workshop which deals with servicing of computer equipment for both firms and civilian people. We also deal with repurchase of defected and outdated computer equipment and components from companies and private individuals.

We do repurchase of entire computer hardware, defected computers, printers, photocopiers, other peripheral computer equipment, cellphones, telephone motherboards, telephone boards of call centers, poker machine boards, washing machine programmers, and other printed boards which contain noble metals.

Besides computer servicing and repurchase of computer hardware we also sell serviced matrix printers Olivetti PR2 I PR2E which are used at service desks of post offices, banks and technical checkups.

To all legal entities PC RESTORING offers FREE registration to business directory Biznisclub on the web address:

Cara Lazara 17
11130 Kaluđerica
Tel: 064 41 41 500
Fax: 011 411 21 34
Working hours: 9AM-4PM

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buy motherboards
buying defective computer
computer recycling
EE waste
electrical waste
electronic waste
name and address database
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Olivetti pr2e
pc service
purchase of printed circuit boards
recycling of electronic waste
repurchase of all kinds of computer cards
repurchase of cellphone boards
repurchase of ceramic processors
repurchase of computers
repurchase of defected cellphones
repurchase of defected hard disks
repurchase of defected motherboards
repurchase of defected photocopiers
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EURO DISPLAY is an agency from Belgrade which main occupation is solvent print services of large formats and installation of printed materials.

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  • advertising agency

  • car branding

  • car graphics

  • company branding

  • lightening advertisements

  • producing lightening advertisements

  • showcase branding

  • vehicle advertisement

  • 3D advertisements

  • boards

  • counters

  • engraving

  • digital printing

    We work with the latest machines the next services:

  • CNC graving

  • laser graver

  • machines for large size printing (paper, foil, tarpaulin banner),

  • Cutter for cutting branding foils

  • Machines for cutting styrofoam

Work on your own brand with Euro Display!
Our clients had recognized the quality and professionalism. Feel free to contact us about your advertisement.
Some of our clients: Telefonia, Luk Oil, Lilly company, Centrotekstil, Beotelnet, chain of bakeries "Hleb i kifle", and others.
Our slogan is "With Us they see you better". If you want them to see you better, we are at your disposal.

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advertisement area
advertisements making
car branding
car graphics
designing neon signs
digital printing
graphic service printing
lightening advertisements 
producing lightening advertisements
showcase branding
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Tronoška 18
Zemun, 11080
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Officecom is dealing with import and wholesale of office supplies, school supplies, additional computer equipment, devices and exclusive stationery from renowned manufacturers.

Our clients are companies book-stationery, computer shops, retail chains, super and hyper market systems and wholesales who are trading in the widest range of office and school supplies.

Key elements of the offer of Officecom are:

Wide range of products: 4.000 modern office supplies in stock. Exceptional quality for affordable prices.

Original brands: choose with confidence from a wide range of quality brands coming from renowned manufacturers.

The best services for you: We are committed to customer service and our team strives to give you at any time to provide the best possible advice and to do that quickly and efficiently.

Easy to order via phone, fax, e-mail, online ordering

Fast delivery in Serbia

Marketing solutions to meet your needs. Keep in mind that Officecom creates its services to suit you, not us (catalogs, presentations, product promotions...)

Officecom team is young and dynamic. We try to be a business, a fast, accurate, and relaxed in communication and to find time for a friendly chat and share experiences with business partners.

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Fun Range
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Kraljevo , 36100
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Veternik, 21203
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