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  • Driving school has working experience for more than 15 years.

  • The business driver training, as well as 22-year experience of the director and owner of the driving school, are the guarantee for a good and successful training

  • Continuous improvement and education of employees, participation in seminars, professional competitions, car rallies.

  • Introduction and use of information technology in the process of training for future drivers, network cabinet software for training the future drivers of the theoretical part.

  • Wide selection of vehicles (Volkswagen, Citroen, Chevrolet, Mercedes).

  • There is a wide selection of ways that you can pay - by the service of personal checks through the months of repayment, by the administrative ban on the personal income of the employee up to one year (12 months), paying with credit cards and more.

  • High percentage of passing the exams is the result of a thorough work with the candidates.
  • In accordance with the present tendencies to humanizate the society, driving school GAZELA AUTO has its own vehicle for training of persons with disabilities

There is a motto of driving schools GAZELA AUTO

- School of good driving! -

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  • Gazela Auto
    Auto škola u Užicu:Obilićeva 6.
    Tel.: 031/513-824, 

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