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Feroprom company for recycling, trade and services

Known as a military waste collector
New name at the old place (former Feropromet Kraljevo Business unit Kikinda)

    Our main activities:

  • purchase of raw materials,

  • waste

  • non-dangerous waste materials

  • purchase of iron, nonferrous metals, scrap sheets

  • recycling of secondary raw materials

  • sale of useful wastes: sheets, tubes, sections, shafts, pulleys, machine parts...

  • sales of non-ferrous metals

  • sales of useful machine parts

  • sale of used jumbo bags

  • military waste

  • military goods

  • sales of military goods, mainly garments, such as:
    military jackets, vests, pants, sweaters, bags, etc.

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Zemunska 285.
Ugrinovci, 11277
Tel.: 063/1170-739

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  • Tel.: 063/1170-745, 
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17. OKTOBRA BR.3 smederevo
Smederevo , 11300
Tel.: 065/67-22-138

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