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Company Eco Bazaar d.o.o. is the exclusive importer and distributor for brands DUPLI COLOR, ALKYTON, COLORMATIC, PRESTO, SCHABERT, FRIESS, QUIXX and XERAPOL in the territory of Serbia. The Dutch-German group MoTip - Dupli Group is the leading Europian producer both in quality and assortment of colors and varnishes, colors and varnishes in spray and technical sprays.
NESPOLI DEUTSCHLAND GMBH is the greatest European producer of professional painter tools.


High quality transparent acrylic lacquer for varnishing transparent surface (stop light) in green color.
Area preparation
It can be used on different surfaces which, after coating remains transparent (glass, bulbs, plastic)
On surfaces which after coating remains visible structure (ceramics, wood...)
High quality
Quick drying
Lead-free and free of heavy metals
Long lasting high gloss. Repels dust. It can be polished. Long lasting without fading. Resistant to weather changes. Resistant to fuels. Extremely clinging to the surface. Extremely hard surface while elastic. Should not be sprayed on Styrofoam.
A total of 150 ml is enough for about 0.5 m²

Acrylic Touch-up Pencil

For quick and efficient polishing small areas in all of the standard and metallic colors serial car and tones. It is applied lightly with a brush in several thin layers.
Area preparation
Especially for repair of small damages caused by scratches or small pebbles.
Small damaged surfaces on vehicles in a color.
With primary color, color of your vehicle and 2k transparent varnish in a package of 12ml you can quickly and efficiently make intervention on your darling.
High quality acrylic lacquer
Quick drying
Permanent gloss, long lasting color
Resistant to weather changes.
Resistant to fuels.
Extremely hard surface while elastic.
Dust resistant after 15minute
Touch resistant after 40minutes
Totally dry after 24hours
12ml touch up pencil
210ml euro can containing 150ml
520ml euro can containing 400ml
If the damage is new (without corrosion) and if it is not deep it is enough to paint it with the appropriate color.
If there is corrosion you have to clearly remove it
If the damage is deep you have to put primary color on it (drying 30 minute)
Shake Touch-ap 2min and apply paint brush from the bottle
Metallic colors after 30min is necessary varnishing with Touch-ap transparent varnish.

ALKYTON 250ml and 750ml color paint brush for brushing, professional-quality oil, suitable for painting large areas in the industry and in "do it yourself" applications. Responding is easy to paint containers, chassis, external parts, tractors, construction machineries, roofs, cranes, fences, gates, construction of ships, pipes, etc..

Alkyton 150ml spray
For fast and efficient repairs of scratches, errors or defects in the coating, the most popular colors are available in 150ml spray Alkyton alkydne based resin.
Alkyton spray is suitable for repairing damages caused during transportation, in establishing and maintaining the painted surfaces. It is also ideal for use in hard to reach places.

Zinc requires Galvinol as basis
DUPLI COLOR Galvinol prove its impeccable quality, especially in the specific surface coating such as zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, iron and other smooth surfaces.
Dust resistant after 10minute
Touch resistant after 15minutes
Totally dry after 50minutes

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